Monday, December 10, 2012

Bridge: Calling Spades in January

We have received a very kind invitation from Trees for Cities to participate in planting 15,000 trees in Ray Park.
Dear Barkingside 21, 
Trees for Cities volunteering opportunity: Join us to plant 15,000 trees and create new woodland in north London - various dates in January 2012 
Trees for Cities plan to plant 15,000 young trees (whips) in Ray Park (Redbridge), and we need to recruit volunteers to help us get the trees in the ground. The new woodland planting promises to be a fantastic opportunity for us to join forces with residents, local volunteers, corporate groups and schools and build on our Londoners Love Trees programme, inspiring people to plant and care for their trees.

Ray Park is a large park in Woodford (IG8 7JQ). The area of the park around the River Roding is under-utilised by local people and fly-tipping is common in the area. In partnership with Redbridge Council we will create new native woodland habitat for wildlife and use the opportunity to inspire local people – young and old - to care for their trees.

Please pass this exciting opportunity on to your members, we have various dates available for up to 50 volunteers to come and help plant in January – your group could come either together or individually. To register your interest please email and we will send you more information or call me on the number below. 
Many thanks
Nina De Groote
Schools & Events Coordinator
0207 820 4412
07827 856 823
The trouble is that Ray Park is in Bridge ward and the Bridge ward councillors do not appear to like Barkingside 21 interfering in their affairs despite us having fully paid up members who live in that ward and despite bus routes that go through that ward to and from Barkingside - that’s the place not the ward - and which we would use to get to Ray Park.

Three Bridge Spades

So, we will leave it to the Bridge ward councillors, two of whom are Cabinet Members (although their portfolios may change while I’m writing this post) and the other responsible for the most viewed post on this blog by a country mile, to muster their local residents for this exercise and suggest that they themselves might like to follow suit [pun intended], don their wellies and pick up a spade to work off the excesses of the council Christmas party …


  1. Ha! Fat chance. I doubt if they'd even condescend to be photographed holding a spade. Much too menial for councillors.

  2. I am sure the 3 Councillors pictured would love to come along and assist. All three are caring people more than willing to do their bit for others without any thought of self motivation. In fact whilst they are digging holes for the planting of trees they might consider burying their coalition partners. Most of them are very wooden and lack substance. Soft wood no doubt that bends whichever way the wind is blowing.

  3. Last year in Roding ward all three councillors spent a very hard day working to help plant hundreds of trees in the Valley Park, as part of the same initiative! Holding a spade was pretty much essential. As well as the launch event a few days earlier with Boris ( We even met our Conservative ward colleagues when they dropped by briefly to have their photo taken..


    1. And here's some photographic evidence Click!

    2. We can't afford cream here in cash strapped Redbridge so it's Gruel or nothing ...

  4. I can assure you that the ward Councillors will be very busy planting trees and shrubs and will even use a spade. A warm welcome will be made to our Roding colleagues if they feel the need to have their photo's taken.


    1. Well said Robin. Clearly Ian Bond uses his spade to have nasty digs.

  5. Well rotten manure can help. If their isn't any available get the Lib Dems. to start talking about changing the political landscape the result is the same. They are full of it. In fact get Mr Clegg involved what a start in life for those young saplings. ha ha