Thursday, December 27, 2012

Barkingside iStreet goes Global

Most of the readers here will probably not have noticed one of this site’s sister blogs – My Favourite Shop or “Bona shops” as is used in it’s URL. The blog was started in October 2007 at the suggestion of reader “Judith” so that other readers can tell us what their favourite local independent shop is and why. It didn’t really take off, there are only 22 posts, and it does not get a great deal of web traffic so I haven’t bothered to look at the statistics for quite some time – until now.

One might expect with a locally focussed blog that most of the traffic will be from local sources. This is borne out with the stats for this, the main site, being ~85% UK based. I do know that we have ex-pat Barkingsiders who still pop in from time to time from all over the UK and abroad.

So, I was quite astonished to find that the virtual footfall for ‘My Favourite Shop’ has a truly global flavour. Here is a chart of the top ten sources of traffic by Country for the past year ….

Make of that what you will.


  1. It just goes to prove what I have always suspected that Barkingside is run by a confederation of Rusian,American, and Eastern European Mafia, which is probably an improvement over the Redbridge Mafia.

    1. Redbridge Mafia? It's official name is the cabinet - and I'm sure our friend Anne pourait nous expliquer beaucoup plus au sujet du cabinet!

    2. I will point out that Morris is displaying here his superior knowledge of French.
      Morris's mastery of the double-entendre is amazing and, not limited to the English language, obviously!
      Merde alors!

  2. maybe the Russians are looking for somewhere else to settle, erm where they think that life is 'better' for those who are educated and can travel.

    I wish I shared their optimism for the poverty-stricken nation that was once known as Great Britain.

    All our money has gone to the banks, and now all have left is a national debt.

    But I suppose that Barkingside is a still a pleasent enough leafy suburb, close to countryside, fast roads, etc. Would be nice if it had a W H Smiths magazine reading room and retailer. This is what I miss the most (have to go to Ilford to get my regular 'fix' of monthly magazines, some of which I DO buy there).


    1. Can you reach the top shelf Simon?

    2. Who do you like on the centre page spread - Clare Short or Diane Abbott?

    3. So that's what you read! Closet Leftie?