Saturday, December 08, 2012

A Green Way for Redbridge?

Here’s another follow up post prompted by our good friend Ron Jeffries of the Aldborough Hatch Defence Association. While we have been concentrating on the Better Barkingside project and stroking our beards as to how improved access to Fairlop Waters Country Park from Barkingside High Street can be achieved, (there is a railway line in between and the only options are Forest Road or the rickety rackety bridge by Barkingside Tube Station) he has been talking to Sustrans.

Now, back in February 2008 we had the prospect of a Redbridge Greenway – a mostly off-road path for pedestrians and cyclists linking our borough’s green spaces together. However, earlier this year in August we noted that the Redbridge Greenway was not included in the Olympic legacy list on the Sustrans website, and it still isn’t.

But, as we learn from Ron, Sustrans are working with Vision RCL to improve a small section of path on what was, I think, the original line for the Redbridge Greenway through Fairlop Waters. The upgrade is to be carried out in February/March 2013 – the path surface will be free draining and a similar specification to those paths already constructed around the lake.

Click here for the PDF zoomable version

So, that’s nearly 5 years now since the “Feasibility study” and a section of path is to be upgraded. Still, I suppose this can be considered as “quick” compared to the efforts of some of our readers who have been trying to get a bus route down Forest Road for over 30 years …

Note: I was informed on Wednesday that the southern section of the Roding Valley Way, south of Redbridge roundabout, has been completed but I haven’t been down there to see.

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  1. Five years? That has a familiar ring about it - the same period since requirements for Barkingisde High Street ("run down and badly in need of a facelift") were first discussed in cabinet.

    Clearly five years are but as yesterday on the Redbridge timescale.