Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Youth of Today

One of the things that really annoys me is the attitude of some older people towards youth. They just don’t like them, find groups of them threatening and are always suspicious that they are up to no good. Hanging around on park benches or outside a KFC, why can’t they find something better to do and do it somewhere else where it doesn’t affect me?

In fact they are no different to any generation and like people of all ages they like to socialise with their friends and peer group. The trouble is that the places where they can do this, without upsetting older people, are few and far between and disappearing fast.

Which leads me to two interesting reports on current youth trends ….

It seems that younsters these days are ditching the pub in favour of the café culture. Never mind that the pubs are probably reluctant to serve anybody who “looks” under 25 for fear of having their licence revoked our local young people should have no trouble finding a suitable eatery with wifi access in Barkingside High Street. Trouble is most of the cafes are only open during the daytime and in the evening we have restaurants and well…. KFC and McDonalds. But our local KFC, we understand, are planning to provide an indoor seated area in the vacated shop next door.

See, Sunday Times and Rochdale on Line

The second report is quite shocking. Please place some cushions on the floor just in case you fall off your chair. I don’t want any Health & Safety people knocking on my door.

These days youngsters are ditching the car in favour of walking, cycling or public transport – shock horror. They even rate internet access above owning a car and would prefer to spend their money, if they’ve got any, (jobs for young people are scarce you know) on the latest i-phone or gaming console. Of course this has nothing to do with the prohibitive rates of insurance for young drivers?

See Core77.


  1. Cant agree more. Ilford feels like it was designed for middle aged ppl w/ young kids

  2. I can recognise a lot of this. The youth aren't the same as they were in the past but they are certainly no worse and in my experience, despite the lack of any facilities or support they continue to be driven to achieve great things. Not all of them of course but much more than the continual negative press would suggest. Our world is in safe hands assuming it's not already too late