Monday, November 12, 2012

Stolen Heirlooms Reunited

We have been contacted by the assistant producer of a BBC One daytime series called "Robbed Raided Reunited".

The series focuses on robbery and burglary and the bulk of it is made up with observation footage from the police. However, the most important ‘feel good’ element of the programme is the real life stories about people who have been reunited with stolen goods that are of sentimental value.

The producers are keen to hear first hand accounts of how Community Groups and Home Watch groups have been pivotal in bringing criminals to justice, or helped to reunite victims of crime with stolen goods.

If you’ve got a story to tell that fits with this theme, please contact the Assistant Producer, James Littmann, on 020 7704 5342, 07793 952679 or Email
There is no specific deadline given, but James would like to hear from people as soon as possible.


  1. Perhaps they could reunite me with my council tax money......

    1. You seem to have misread the post Morris.
      This is for those who have been reunited with their precious.

    2. No, not really - just a desire to be reunited!

    3. Oh. In that case please read the new comments policy and try to stay on topic.