Saturday, November 24, 2012

Roding Photo Competition

Having attended the community workshops run by the Environment Agency and Thames21 to produce a ‘Catchment Plan’ for the Roding, Beam and Ingrebourne rivers they now need photos to include in that document and in promotional materials. So they have launched a photography competition.

The prize is two tickets to the Veolia Environmental Wildlife Photographer of the Year. They would like photos that capture the best and worst parts of the rivers Roding, Beam and Ingrebourne, and any of their streams e.g. water quality, aesthetics and recreation or wildlife value.

There will be one winner for the photo showing a river in good, natural condition and one winner showing a river in a poor state. Both photos will be used as the feature photos in the catchment plan. Both winners will receive two tickets.

Photos need to show people, animals or wildlife interacting with the river.

Further details, Terms and conditions in the document here – Click!.
Best wishes and happy snapping!

Via Becca O'Shea

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