Monday, November 19, 2012

Better Barkingside – The Next Steps

And it has come to pass that now is an appropriate time to remind everybody about the next meeting for the Better Barkingside project. But first a recap.

The project is outlined here on the council website Redbridge-i

Below is a drawing of the proposed scheme – click on the image to download a PDF file (230Kb) which you can zoom into at your leisure.

As you will probably know the first public meeting was held on 27th September 2012.

Here’s the report from the Ilford Recorder
And here’s the one from the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian

And here’s the Project Manager giving a synopsis of the meeting and listing the points and suggestions made at that meeting.

And here he is again outlining the points and suggestions made via the wider consultaion and submitted by email or carrier pigeon (nobody can afford postage stamps anymore).

Come along and have your say on:

Thursday 29th November 2012
Aldborough Room, Fullwell Cross Library

And here’s a mention of Barkingside High Street in the Evening Standard.

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  1. Who wrote the words on this map? (eg. “Beautiful and well used pool and spa”).... he must’ve been paid well to come up with some of those slogans.

    And if buses “dehumanised the street”, simple solution: get rid of buses (I am sure TfL would welcome that). But at least that way, we could block off the High Street abutting the roundabout, pedestrianise it make way for “a place for events and civic pride”!