Monday, November 12, 2012

A Monumental Announcement

Since its formation in 2009 the Fairlop Heritage Group have been trying to get a monument over on Fairlop Waters in memory of the Airfields of both world wars and the service men and women who served there.

At yesterday’s Remembrance Service David Martin was near to tears as he announced that the dream is near completion. With the assistance of Vision (the Trust that is repsonsible for Sports and Leisure in Redbridge) a monument is to be placed outside the main club house at the front on the grassy knoll.

We do not have any artist’s impressions yet but we do have a description. It will have a circular stone base about a meter diameter with an inscription yet to be decided. Perpendicular to the base there will be three 1" thick steel plates about 15ft high at 120° to each other on the horizontal plane. The profile of each steel plate will be that of an aircraft respresenting each of the three airfields with the tailfin at the summit -

  • Avro 504E as flown at Fairlop Aerodrome RNAS
  • Sopwith Camel as flown at Hainault Farm Aerodrome RFC
  • Spitfire as flown at RAF Station Fairlop

As a minor yet very important detail the plates will have holes within human reach to attach wreaths and memorials so they don’t get blown away in the wind.

We are not sure when it is due to be installed, and remember we are still waiting for the Egg Whisk at Gants Hill, but the final details will, we understand, be put to the Area Committees.

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  1. David Martin and the Fairlop Heritage Group must be commended for their persistance and determination throughout what has been a very long struggle to erect on Fairlop Plain some kind of acknowledgement to those men and women who lived and died bravely in the service of our country. I am quite sure that whatever form the memorial takes, it will be a fitting tribute. It has been a sad omission by too many councils for too many years and it says much about the present incumbents that, now that the erection of a memorial is imminent, they appear to have had very little to do with it. David, I know we may have crossed swords (quite unintentionally!) in the past but please now accept my unqualified congratulations.