Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The King is Dead
– Long Live the Queen

On Monday evening there was a special Health Scrutiny Meeting of Redbridge Council. As we know the Maternity Unit at King George Hospital is to close early next year meaning there will be no children born in Redbridge from the Spring of 2013. None. Zero. Zip! The Accident & Emergency function is still scheduled to close but this could take another two years. But it will close.

Our B21 attendant at that meeting reports that it was poorly attended by councillors, which was noted by Madam Chairman, Cllr Mrs Ryan. His overall assessment was that it was a very poor meeting and that apart from Members of the Campaign Against Closures and Harry Moth, the remainder of the councillors looked like frightened rabbits in the headlights of the BHRUT juggernaut on a motorway.

They did have their big guns there. Heather Mullin with two other senior managers backed up by a bank of Clinicians all singing the same tune. Thing is, our local councillors, and even our MPs, can have their “all party alliance” to put their foot down with a firm hand but at the end of the day they do not have any jusrisdiction over these matters at all. This is the responsibility of the Secretary of State for Health, or those who are pulling his strings. And we know the present encumbent favours diluting medicine to the point where it contains no molecules of the original and then beating it with a big leather stick.

You can keep up to date with developments over on the Save King George Hospital blog. Bookmark it, RSS feed it, or keep an eye out for updates here in the right hand side bar.

There is also a Protest/Demo/Wake planned for next Saturday 27th October 2012 opposite King George Hospital’s main entrance in Barley Lane timed for 1pm.

Here’s the report by Zjan Shirinian of the Ilford Recorder. It might take some while to download due to all the fancy bit-heavy advertising being pulled in from overloaded servers around the globe …

And here is Dominic Sutton of the Wanstead & Woodford Guardian whose site suffers from the same problem ...


  1. I hope the Board Members of the BHRUT (none of them elected!) rot in hell and that the NHS is closed when they most need it.

  2. look up the proposals for cross rail on the redbridge i website,,this land that the hospital and goodmayes hospital are in line for redevolpment and we all know what that means,,,,,i no longer take any notice of the ilford recorder as it is very bias.....and careful about its reporting and makes it difficult for comments to be made thus making it look like noones bothered,,,

    1. The "Recorder" also fails to publish letters critical of itself.

  3. considering there is two-pound of poo in a one-pound bag with regard to residents needing medical attention, how on earth are we supposed to ensure we can be well enough to pay our taxes, forego benefits and generally maintain the Borough's welfare if we all succumb to a "fright-night" of an epidemic - I doubt that cleaning up Redbridge's corpses is in the job description of our bin men!