Friday, October 05, 2012

The Green Green Growth of Home

While ex-Conservative Prime Ministers are eulogising over the illusionary green shoots of recovery there is a quiet revolution going on un-noticed in the background. Real green shoots are a sprouting …

London's green economy has grown by 13% since 2007/08, creating an extra 14,588 jobs and adding £1.3bn to London's economy. Job creation has been particularly strong in alternative fuels and wave power. But the capital has been less strong in sectors that the Mayor is best placed to stimulate, including refurbishing buildings to be more energy efficient, biomass energy and waste management. More ….
Precisely the things that the government aren’t keen on, and are not supporting, are proving to be the very areas where growth is happening. Mr Osborne and his back bench supporters really do need to snap out of their ideological coma and hatred of anything green and smell the bleedin’ coffee. And Evette Cooper needs to give her husband some severe earache on basic household economics. From the Manchester gazette ...

Environmental companies around Britain are up in arms after the Government’s flagship Green Deal for homeowners was "launched" without ceremony this week, with the environment minister, Greg Barker on a junket in Tanzania.
A leading energy efficiency organisation, Green Deal Consulting, called the launch "a shambles" and said the Government is letting down the industry with its dithering and lack of leadership.
MD Andy Wynter said: “I’m very angry and so are all the other companies that have paid thousands of pounds to train the special assessors that were needed to ensure the scheme operated properly from this week.
“The Government has failed to give clarity on a number of areas and industry leaders are loosing faith in the scheme before it has even got off the ground, while the minister responsible has gone off to Africa with a trade delegation. What does this tell you about the Government’s sincerity?”
Meanwhile, down on the south coast, next year’s Eco Technology show was launched in a Hove Kitchen to a fanfare of applause from local notables …

Show director Nicola Gunstone said: “We are thrilled to launch next year’s Eco Technology Show. We aim to build on the success of this year’s event and cement the region’s reputation as a vibrant marketplace for green research and development, innovation and technology."

Caroline Lucas, MP for Brighton Pavilion, sporting a rather fetching pair of eco bunny ears (see photo left) said: “Brighton and Hove has a well-earned reputation as one of the most ecologically conscious places in the country – and thanks to the city’s creative spirit and innovation, we’re already at the forefront of many rapidly advancing green industries and technologies."

Jason Kitcat, Leader of Brighton & Hove City Council, said: “The Eco Technology Show highlights the wealth of skill and talent in our city. The show helps our burgeoning eco businesses attract new investors and customers whilst putting the city on the map as a leading hub for eco and digital businesses."

Duncan Baker-Brown, Partner at BBM Architects, said: “While the coalition government delays on implementing green initiatives that could kickstart a genuine green economic recovery, Sussex has its own inspiring Green MP, a Green Council in Brighton & Hove and green business networks that will all get together again at the utterly brilliant Eco Tech Show."


  1. So why did Brighton massively increase allotment fees? To keep those horrible working class people out?

    1. Probably to reduce significantly the public demand for allotments so that the land falls into disuse and can be flogged off for a huge sum for housing development.