Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Accident is now an Emergency

The “accident” of PFI (Private Finance Initiative) has now developed into a full scale Emergency.

Last weeks’ Mail on Sunday

Top consultant: 'We are haemorrhaging doctors because of A&E chaos'
Chaos in Britain’s accident and emergency departments has left junior doctors unwilling to train to become emergency medicine specialists.
The College of Emergency Medicine held crisis talks with Ministers from the Department of Health over the issue earlier this month because it has left hospitals with a serious shortage of A&E doctors.
About half of the annual 180 training posts available to junior doctors in the specialism have not been filled for the past two years as young medics are put off by the intense workload and failure of hospitals to increase staff numbers to match the number of patients being admitted.
This is exacerbated by the fact that ten per cent of all full-time consultant posts in casualty are unfilled because those training in the NHS have opted to go abroad to work, rather than stay in an overstretched service. More …
This weeks’ Mail on Sunday

NHS wastes £7million on ‘sham’ consultation over A&E we reveal SIX more casualty units to be cut
NHS bureaucrats have spent £7 million on a consultation to close four accident and emergency departments – enough to keep at least one of them running for a year.
The extraordinary sum, described as ‘an expensive PR exercise’, came from taxpayers’ pockets despite there being huge opposition to the planned closures in North-West London.
It was spent in just 18 months and included nearly £3 million in fees to management consultancy firm McKinsey to work out the financial case for the closures.
Another £650,000 was paid to public relations company The London Communications Agency.
The huge budget comes even though plans to close A&Es in the region are driven partly by financial concerns. More …
But new Homeopathy Unit to open in a shed next door on Goodmayes site as part of 106 agreement? –Ilford Recorder

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  1. There has been a shortage of A&E consultants for decades, largely because it is impossible to earn extra money in private practice in this speciality (true)!

    NHS wastes money on consultations - well, it wastes shedloads of money in every other way, why not in dreadfully-run consultations?

    When are we going to realise that senior medical and management personnel are on one side of a divide, with common sense on the other?

    The medical profession encouraged the closure of mental health asylums and we end up with cases like Winterbourne. Management ignores demographic changes and tries to close down maternity units, so we end up with tragedies.