Friday, October 19, 2012

Redbridge is a Biking Borough

Really it is. It says so here.

Both the ladies pictured above have given a talk at one of our coffee mornings but that is not why the photo is being published. Take a look at the background and the hundreds of bicycles parked there. This is in Cambridge.

Below is Redbridge. The car park in Cranbrook Road next to Gants Hill Library to be precise.

These cycle pods were installed a few months ago to encourage cycling during the Olympics and is part of the Redbridge Olympic legacy that provides chic and secure bicycle parking for the clientele of the Gants Hill café culture, restaurants and night clubs. Thing is I have not, as yet, seen a single bicycle parked there, but I may not have been looking at the right time. Perhaps they fill up at about 9pm when the TOWIEs arrive?

However, to be fair I have seen lots of bikes (but not as many as in Cambridge) parked closer to Gants Hill Station and at other stations on the Central Line. It seems that Redbridge cyclists don’t read the award winning Redbridge-i?

Note that this “art work” has been installed at the expense of car parking spaces and is part of the relentless “war on the motorist”.


  1. So, B21, can we expect you to abandon your BMW with immediate effect and get on yer bike?

  2. Tip of Hat to "Freewheeler" - link over on right:

    Safety in Infrastructure

    Certain types of routes carry much lower risk of injury for cyclists, according to a new University of British Columbia (UBC) study.

    Cycle tracks (physically separated bike lanes) carries the lowest injury risk for cyclists, at about one-tenth the risk.

    "Cycle tracks and other bike-specific infrastructure are prevalent in the cycling cities of Northern Europe, but have been slow to catch on in North America,” says Kay Teschke, a professor in UBC’s School of Population and Public Health and lead author of the study. “Adoption of safer route infrastructure would prevent crashes from occurring in the first place"

    Next piece of research from UBC:

    "Ursine mammals defecate in arboreal enviroments"

  3. I should think any cyclist with a half-way decent bike would be reluctant to leave it at that particular site - even with padlocks, it could be cannibalised or vandalised without anyone close enough to notice.

    Out here in the sticks, bikes are regularly stolen from the railway station bike sheds.

  4. maybe the under use will add to the cause (by the council)for the site to be prime building space.if this should ever happen.(probably will one day).... ????????

    1. Don't give them ideas - they've got enough unacceptable ones of their own.

  5. Left my bike bike there today due to the central line closures, only bike there this morning and when I picked it up this evening! After learning the hard way the best method for keeping hold of your bike Is to buy second hand, cheap cheerful and give it a bad paint job! You can't have a nice bike anymore and expect it not to be nicked especially near a tube station, sad but true.

  6. dear colin,bet someone from redbridge planning dept nicked it??????????? part of the conspiracy to build on every part of LBoR.(foldable ones are quite cheap fold up in a bag and you can take it with you im sure i saw one in a home catalog once)

  7. I've had two stolen from fairlop right under the CCTV which apparently wasn't switched on! You have me suspicious of the council now!!! The area around the bikes has recently been paved but no sign of a proper secure cycle shed which would be nice and would stop the scooters and motor bikes taking the places.