Friday, October 26, 2012

Latest on Gravel Extraction

From our local expert, Ron Jeffries, pictured right with Stuart Anderson of Brett Lafarge.

Gravel planning application aimed at Spring 2013

We have been advised by Lafarge – Aggregates & Concrete UK – that following the exhibition in July last year, they are (to quote their words) “aiming to submit an application for Aldborough Hatch Farm by Spring 2013. Please be assured that a part of this period has been set aside for a further round of public consultation on the proposals following the exhibition held in the summer last year”.
This refers to the extraction of sand and gravel from Area E – bounded by Aldborough Road North, St. Peter’s Close and Oaks Lane. The Aldborough Hatch Defence Association (AHDA) has asked Lafarge to keep us informed when a planning application is to be submitted to Redbridge Council so that we may alert residents.
At the exhibition a number of points were raised with Lafarge – for example that during excavation the Bridleway running from Aldborough Hatch Farm to Fairlop Waters and Barkingside Station is not enclosed with high fencing as people who walk, cycle or ride using the Bridleway prefer this to be open for safety reasons. We emphasised that a buffer stand-off of at least 150 metres would be fought for, based on the precedent set on Aldborough Hall Farm with homes in Applegarth Drive and Bawdsey Avenue. The point was emphasised by both members of St. Peter’s Church and residents that we need reassurance before work commences that any changes in the water table as the result of excavation will not affect the 150 year old building of the church – a matter that clearly concerned a number of the experts present at the exhibition who were visiting the site for the first time.

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  1. definitly need to do something about the mud that is all over the main roads in this area,,,,hainault road and painters lane...very dangerous..