Monday, October 08, 2012

Hainault Loop to be closed for 12 Days

I noticed that today the Ilford Recorder published a piece “Central Line to be improved during 12-day closure of Hainault loop” which, judging by the wording, was prompted by this Press Release issued today by Transport for London.

Extended maintenance work on Central line's 'Hainault loop' to reduce total closure time by a total of seven days
08 October 2012
Upgrade work to improve reliability and ensure smoother journeys for passengers will take place during a 12-day closure of the Central line's Hainault loop from 24 October to 4 November.
London Underground (LU) is putting in place final preparations to help customers make their journeys during the closure, which will see the line closed between Grange Hill and Newbury Park on weekdays and between Woodford and Leytonstone on the two affected weekends (27 and 28 October and 3 and 4 November). More …
Somehow though our friend and drinking colleague “Neighbourhood Watcher” knew about this almost 4 weeks ago and published the details over on Redbridge Eye on 12th September. So we all knew didn’t we?

Moral. If you want to know when the scheduled outages for the Tube are, watch the replacement bus service notices.


  1. The extent of the closure (although not the sales patter) was available on TfL's website some 2 months or so in advance.

  2. Please don't expect to read up-to-date 'News' or even critical pieces in the Ilford Recorder. All it seems to do most of the time is just uncritically reprint Press Releases.