Thursday, October 04, 2012

A Guide to Security
– Sheds, Garages and Gardens

From Redbridge Crime Prevention Office

Burglary is a crime which causes us all great concern. Recent crime figures show that Redbridge has one of the lowest residential burglary rates of all the London boroughs. However, burglaries to sheds and garages, whilst also low compared to other areas, are an increasing problem in the Borough.

Many garden sheds and garages (detached and integral) are secured with inadequate and sub-standard locking devices, and indeed are often left unlocked. Over a period of time, the structure of sheds and garages will start to deteriorate, compromising any security present. This is mainly due to the method of construction and the materials used.

Thieves find it more rewarding to break into insecure buildings for valuable items, than well-protected homes. The value of the property stored in sheds and garages is often much more than people imagine. Power tools, hand tools, golf clubs, fishing equipment, bicycles, toys and other valuable property are many of the items commonly stored, all of which are particularly attractive to a potential thief.

Making your shed or garage more secure is in most cases straightforward and inexpensive. It is just a matter of knowing what is available and spending a small amount of time upgrading the security.

This booklet is aimed specifically at sheds and garages, but it is worth bearing in mind that the security of your back garden is just as important. If a thief cannot get into your garden because you have appropriate fencing and adequate gates with secure locks, then you will enhance the security of your home and garden.

Recommendations by the Redbridge Police Crime Prevention Office are made in good faith. The suggestions contained in this guide are proven deterrents. They do not in themselves form any part of a guarantee that you will not become the victim of crime in the future or that further offences will not take place, but they reduce the laws of probability by enhancing your security and thus also reducing the fear of crime.

The whole document is too large to reproduce here, so I have converted it to a PDF (90Kb) and uploaded it to Google Docs with public access. All you ever wanted to know about closed shackle padlocks, hasps, coach bolts, hinge bolts and key operated press bolts, plus more. Click to view.


  1. An admirable step by the Redbridge Borough Police to secure the sheds in garden as they were free for the thieves to be stolen. I was also suffering from it but now i have a good experience after buying my garage shed from [link removed]

    1. Dear Lee, I note your IP address is in Islamabad, Pakistan and you bought your shed in New Zealand. We like to support the local economy here, so I've deleted your link, sorry ...

  2. Don't lots of sheds have central heating, cookers, TV, bathrooms and beds these days?

  3. Maybe, once your shed is fitted with all mod cons, you do need somebody to sleep in it to keep an eye on your possessions. It seems pretty reasonable to me.

  4. Of course that is one way of bringing down domestic burglary. If someone breaks into your shed even if someone is living in it it is not a residential burglary. Unless they changed the rules - again.