Thursday, September 06, 2012

Redbridge Corporate Strategy
- Consultation

I was wondering why the Redbridge Communications Team had not publicised this, but according to the letter I received yesterday it is targetted at Stakeholder groups and not the general public. I wonder why?
[Correction] It is allegedly on Page 3 of Redbridge Life.

Anyway, we are a Stakeholder group and Keith and Ian want our views on their draft Corporate Strategy for the next two years, 2012-2014. The consultation closes on 21st October 2012. You can find it here.

The problem is that while the aims are very laudable and wrapped up in very nice, cosy and optimistic language, much of it is beyond the control of the Council.

On Safer Communities and crime they are dependent upon the Police and other partners who are also having to bear some rather serious cuts to their budgets with Wanstead Police Station under threat of closure.

On improving health and wellbeing they are dependent upon the National Health Service and we know they are in deep trouble (see previous post) with the threat of closure of Accident & Emergency and Maternity facilities at King George Hospital. And “providing good leisure facilities for all” does not include swimmers.

On economic growth, “promoting the borough as a business location” didn’t seem to work for Kelvin Hughes, but we do have £2million to spend on Barkingside Town Centre courtesy of the London Mayor’s Outer London Fund.

On education they want to "reduce the disparity between the best and worst performing pupils", but we’ve still got a big shortage of school places which ain’t gonna get solved any time soon.

We also understand that councillors were discussing Council Governance arrangements last Tuesday. They now have the option of sticking with the Cabinet system, changing to a committee system or some hybrid of the two. An elected mayor seems to be off the Redbridge agenda.

From what I can make out there is no perfect system, so my advice is to stop navel gazing and get on with making whatever system you’ve got work.


  1. We’re asking all residents as well as stakeholders for their views on the draft Redbridge Corporate Strategy 2012-14, there is an article in the latest edition of Redbridge Life. You can do this by completing our short survey on Redbridge i. Residents have until 21 October to complete the survey and comments and suggestions will be incorporated into the final plan. For more information and to complete the survey, please see the link below.

    The article is on pg3 of Redbridge Life, you can download a copy here


    Redbridge Council

  2. More meaningless drivel to end up in the waste bin.

  3. Morris - in an earlier incarnation I was an Internal Process Auditor (sort of "Management Consultant") for a High Street Bank.

    One thing I was always reminding Middle and Senior Management of was "Do not be surprised by the outcome of a process that you did not participate in".

    If you think it's drivel then tell them exactly why and what you would recommend they do instead.

  4. Having looked at the I completely agree with Morris,whoever dreamt up this survey, should not be employed, yet alone in a position where their work is in the public domain, simplistic would be a wild exageration.
    if you want a really good laugh go and have a look.
    You have a choice of agree or disagree,nobody in their right mind (except perhaps the author)is likely to disagree with equally simplistic and obvious statements such as

    Safer Communities
    We aim to work with our partners to target resources effectively to reduce the impact and fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.
    Yes, I agree No, I disagree

    Hands up those who want to INCREASE the impact and fear of crime.

    1. Yup! That's why I didn't mention it and put my comments in the post above, which "they" have obvioulsy read.

    2. I have no credence in a post "signed" by "Redbridge Council". It very likely comes, in my opinion, from an individual scarcely known for self-effacing shyness.

    3. In which case they would have surely signed off as themself?

    4. Possibly - but not necessarily.

  5. I agree with dopeyf regarding the somewhat vacuous questions being asked in this "consultation". There was no consultation about what the priorities ought to be in the first place. However, the Council's hands may be tied by Government Funding Policy.

    The point I was trying to make is that there is a panel at the end of the questions in which anyone can make their views known about the nature of the consultation - be it drivel or not. I hope that Morris and dopeyf will fill out the comments panel - as I have.

  6. The only corporate strategy I'm concerned about is Redbridge paying my pension. I hasn't paid me for months! Is Redbridge going bust? I wonder. If so, all this stuff about corporate strategy is just pie in the sky, as is the regeneration of Barkingside.

  7. Jawal1, yes I have,expressing even more irony than is usual here

  8. Redbridge Life? - Is that still going? You know I have never had a copy delivered to my door since it was first published (it's probably the 20 steps they have to go up to get to my front door).

    Correction: they did deliver it once (about 2 or 3 years ago). Roughly three days after I stood up at an Area 3 meeting and said I had never ever received one.

    Either way: what a splendid way to spend public money.

  9. I got my copy of Redbridge Life today. Are they paying double time for Sunday working or getting volunteers? The rag is now quarterly, instead of monthly, but I still don't see why we should pay for Tory propaganda.

    1. Me too. But I think the LibDems might want to be included as Coalition propaganda, but then again maybe not???

    2. We received Redbridge Lies here on Friday.

  10. "Figures released by the Local Government Association (LGA) show a third of venues have seen an increase in use of the swimming pool following a summer of sport in which Paralympic gold medallist Ellie Simmonds and TeamGB diver Tom Daley were among those to excite crowds."
    Shame the Corporate Strategy deliberately avoids any mention of anew swimming pool

  11. I misread this: "Keith and Ian want our views on their draft Corporate Strategy for the next two years," as (they) want our views on their daft Corporate Strategy ...