Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Redbridge Community Awards 2012

This is not the Redbridge Mayor’s Awards which you can find here. This is, I think, a resurrection of the Awards that stopped in 2008 when the organiser was charged with corruption and ended up spending his time at Her Majesty’s pleasure. This time it seems to be organised by none other than ….
Wilson Chowdhry. Here he is:

Our Redbridge Community Awards aim to recognise outstanding community work and extraordinary achievement by individuals, groups and communities in our Borough.

Nominations for the awards for this year have now opened with a deadline of the 15th October 2012 for completed returns.

We'll be writing to those who have been successful shortly after this date. Nominations must be made by another party; self-nominations will not be accepted.

A special reception with late night celebratory music event will be held on Friday 9th November 2012 for all successful nominations at Ilford Town Hall. Nominees will be provided with a free ticket, tickets for other visitors will be sold an a priority basis.

Download the Application here: (PDF 3.5Mbs)
Or for a word version which can be electronically submitted email for an application.

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  1. Another self-publicity bandwagon on which to jump for a meaningless award. Redbridge Council's website forums are said to be award winning......

  2. It is never meaningless to recognise the sacrifice people make for others. An independent judging panel will assess the applications including panel guests from the The East London Community Foundation, Yellow Advertiser, Local Police and others. I promise I will not be involved on the panel...

    These awards are not linked in anyway (other than a similar acronym) to the previous "Redbridge Cultural Awards" once headed by former Conservative Councillor Suresh Kumar.

  3. seems the deadline for nominations has been extended to 22nd October. No takers?

  4. And again to 29th October.


    Will there be anyone to present an award to on 9th November?