Sunday, September 23, 2012

Petition on Redbridge NHS

Dear readers,

I've just signed a petition to doctors in charge of NHS services in the Redbridge area asking them to protect our NHS. Can you add your name?

The government’s plans to privatise and fragment our NHS are starting to take shape across England.

Local doctors are getting together to form “Clinical Commissioning Groups” or “CCGs”. These groups will have to make big decisions about how NHS money is spent locally, and what health services will be available to us.

CCGs will be under pressure from the government to do their dirty work - to cut services and hand out contracts to private companies. But they also have a legal obligation to pay attention to local patients, and many doctors on the CCGs were against the government's plans from the start.

I’ve signed the petition to make sure they hear from their local patients. Can you? Just click the link, enter you postcode and it’ll bring up the petition for your local area.


Thanks to Ian and Chris for forwarding this to me.

NOTE: If you are not a Redbridge resident you can still use the link, insert your postcode and be directed to your own local Petition.


  1. I've signed. But what concerns me about online petitions is quite often nothing comes of them. They don't list an end date for obtaining signatures and they just go on for years and are never presented to the "powers that be" so that voices can be heard. I hope that will not be the case here. It's an important petition with an important message.

  2. Sometimes they work; sometimes they don't; but always worth trying. Another campaign I signed, against tax concessions for Olympic sponsers, embarrassed some very big names and caused them to promise not to use the tax concession they'd been offered.

  3. I saw Rip-Off Britain this morning and was horrified to realise that some emergency paramedics can now be employed by private Companies. The paramedic in the program (who was previously employed by the NHS) had not been paid for several months before finding a new paramedic job. He was given the expected 'excuses' until the 'office' was simply closed down. The director of the Company which went bust, simply re-registered as director of another paramedic Company.
    Should we be worried?

  4. But the Private sector is so much better than the public sector... isn't it?

    1. No. Each of them has good, and each of them has b****y awful.

    2. Exactly, and you just have to look at the public sector employees/directors/executives who got BHRT in the financial and administrative mess it is today (and has been for some years).

  5. It seems that Redbridge is not the only London Borough with Hospital Closure Issues
    This made the BBC TV London Local News.

    Perhaps all the local campaigns need to be co-ordinated into a 'Class Action'