Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Local Cops Step up Drive against Burglary

Operation Castle - Anti Burglary Initiative

The Metropolitan Police Service is committed to the Commissioner’s view of Total Policing and here at Redbridge we are renewing our focus to help reduce burglaries in the forthcoming months.

Operation Castle begins 10th September 2012 (yesterday) and Redbridge Police wants the public to know that we will take robust action against anyone who is arrested for committing burglary. Officers will implement several tactics to prevent and disrupt the activities of burglars in the borough by enhancing patrols to deter offenders. During this period we will also be visiting known offenders to offer assistance, should they need it, to help prevent them re-offending.

In order to support Operation Castle, the local business community will be asked for their help during this time. Licensing officers and Trading Standard Officers will visit businesses, in particular pawn broking shops, to discuss how they can help by reporting suspicious activity to Redbridge Police.

But residents are also being asked to help make Operation Castle a success by taking some simple steps to secure their property in order to deter any potential burglar. Safer Neighbourhood Team Officers will be delivering crime prevention leaflets to their wards and visiting victims of burglary to offer practical help and advice. Victims of previous burglaries will be contacted to ensure that they are given all the available advice to prevent becoming a repeat victim of crime.

Sergeant Matt Taylor, of Redbridge Police Burglary Squad said, “We will be increasing our patrols to ensure all that can be done, is being done, to prevent future incidents of burglary. We will use all our powers to deter potential offenders and where evidence exists, we will swiftly arrest the offenders. We will thoroughly investigate all cases of burglary and support each victim of crime.”

Redbridge Police aim to reduce burglary on the borough and we ask if any resident has information about an offender or knows the whereabouts of any stolen property to contact Redbridge Burglary Squad on 0208 345 2667 in the strictest confidence or to call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

Via Neighbourhood Link.

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  1. "Total Policing"?

    Nearly 6,800 frontline police jobs have gone since the 2010 general election as a result of spending cuts, according to a House of Commons analysis of updated Home Office figures.