Wednesday, September 05, 2012

King George Hospital
– Health Check

The Save King George Hospital campaign team have raised a second petition, which was presented to the Council in order to secure a debate on the Hospital’s future.

This will take place at the next Full Council Meeting on Thursday 20 September 2012, starting at 7:15pm in the Town Hall Council Chamber.

UPDATE: It seems that due to some technical procedure the motion will not now be submitted to Full Council. However, the petition will still be presented and, we understand, followed by a short debate.

UPDATE 2: We understand today, 16th September, that the motion will now be put and debated on Thursday 20th. Don't ask!

Neil Zammett has written a blog on the current situation regarding our local NHS, which can be found here.

The Campaign Committee is asking residents to contact their local councillor(s), especially with the 5 key issues stated at the end of the blog.

There will be a demonstration of support and a photoshoot on Saturday 27th October 2012 at 1:00pm outside the main entrance to KGH.

Of course, Neil’s blog was written before yesterday’s game of musical chairs at Westminster and we do not know what impact that will have, but I somehow doubt it will be welcome news.

I should also point out that there is, or was, a unanimous cross party support for this campaign both in the Council Chamber and with the two Ilford MPs. Relations at the Town Hall on this issue have been strained but I think it is safe to say that they are all still pulling in the same direction if not speaking to each other.


  1. I am directed by Judith to this:

    NHS trusts struggling with PFI debts to get help

    Of which BHRUT is one.

    "The trusts have got significant problems as a result of these irresponsible PFI schemes that the last Labour government allowed,….” Forgetting to mention with the support of the then Opposition.

  2. I have a sharp knife.

    I can use it to cut up meat and fruit in order to prepare a meal to feed my family and friends.

    Or I can use it to kill someone.

    If I say that having a knife is useful, does that mean I condone murder?

    Same with PFI - a useful tool when used wisely and carefully, but a killer when misused by certain greedy NHS managers.

  3. Surely it is not greedy NHS managers misusing PFI but the suppliers of the finance, aided by atrocious Negotiating skills of the NHS managers making payments over 20 or 30 years completely unacceptable -a la Queens
    Hospital, so that the Government has to bail out the Trust.

  4. The whole process of PFI is governments trying to hide the true extent of public expenditure - and "paying through the nose" in the process.

    1. Indeed, Morris, it's a very clever accounting trick called "Off Balance-Sheet Accounting" - a technique that the movie industry has been using for 30+ years - this is the way they prove to others that 'x' film never made any real money at all despite the phenomenal box office success it was.

      The Americans make it "work" (for them!) - but just take a look at the British Film industry.

  5. sounds like the knives are out for our local nhs managers

  6. oh gosh! i do hope judith is fully briefed on the eu directive - safe use of sharp implements

  7. I was recently admitted to KGH for a week or so and it was busy!!

    Whereas a large number of road accident victims and heart-attack sufferers are ambulanced to Queens or Whitechapel, there are still people who self-present or are directed by the Polyclinic and by GPs to KGH.
    There is not officially an A&E at KGH - it's "Urgent Majors" and "Urgent Minors" - but there are still ambulances turning up with patients who have chronic respitory problems or with broken bones, for example.

    With an aging population, these types of cases, "non-life-threatening" perhaps but needing immediate attention, are creating a constant demand that is already beyond the capacity of Queens (as variously reported in the press) and presumably Whitechapel.

    Whatever the economic and clinical reasons for moving services out of KGH, it simply cannot close because people will always turn up there.

  8. Relax. The new Health Secretary has a plan ...


  9. The Telegraph has reported at that "hit squads" are to visit BHRUT and other NHS trusts.

    It would be helpful if BHRUT were to say exactly what these squads of accountants and lawyers will do as of today there seems to be nothing on the news section of their site about this.

  10. Maybe PFI payments wont need to be made over 20-30 years... as I understand it the general financial situation affecting most 'first world nations is such that radical and unprecedented measures may need to be taken.

    Maybe this is wishful thinking, but some sort of Biblical style 'Jubilee Year' may be declared, as a way of preventing global financial meltdown. If this does come to pass then it would be worthwhile trying to get the NHS trusts and PFI schemes resolved at the same time. One needs to be aware of possibilities, no matter how unlikely they may sound, so as to be ready to act with haste if/when the opportunity arises.

    btw, the reason 'why now' is that the period we are in (and lasting at least until summer 2013) is not 'normal'. It is a time of significant changes and events which will make people sit up and take note.