Tuesday, September 04, 2012

ELHAP needs your Support - Vote

I was sure I had already mentioned this here on the blog during a series of promoting local Social Enterprises but it seems I didn’t. How remiss of me, it’s only just round the corner, they are almost neighbours. I’ve been in there too and had a look round – it’s a magical place – an adventure playground for special needs children.

So, I am reminded by Redbridge Tweeter @aceil who asks us to support this very worthwhile cause by voting for them at the Lloyds Banking Community Fund page. Here’s why:

Too many times, we have heard the same story from parents and families that the moment their child is diagnosed with a complex disability or have challenging behaviours, services, friends and families drop away. Young children with complex needs cannot attend local nurseries, parents can't go shopping, find babysitters or undertake any of those ‘normal' activities we take for granted. There has been a lot of talk and action around inclusion and this has worked for many children, but it is not working for children with more complex needs. We intend to make a real difference - to literally change the trajectory for these children and families. By providing an early years session for these children, we can provide an inclusive play setting for children to have fun and play, to allow parents to meet each other and for professionals to also be part of this inclusion.
Vote for ELHAP Click!

Note: They started in 1976 and ELHAP stands for East London Handicapped Adventure Playground but the word "Handicapped" is no longer politically correct and so it’s now just ELHAP.

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  1. a magical place,very rare indeed for this day and age,elhap still has an air of freedom that so many other places do not have any more,I trust the staff here 100 %,and the place never fails to put a smile on your face.....Please vote and if you do then THANK YOUx