Friday, August 17, 2012

Where the Cider Apples Grow

Does your garden look like this in the autumn?
Well obviously not only in Somerset. Redbridge, apparently grows very good cider apples, and pears too. These people at Glider Cider over in Woodford started up just a couple of years ago by harvesting unwanted apples and pears from their neighbour’s gardens, and it has grown into a business. They are also constantly on the look out for new sources of their raw material so if you do have wasted apples or pears in your garden, or know of somebody else who does, then do please get in contact. They’ll do the picking for you and you get two bottles free when it is made and a discount when buying.

Of course they are in competition with the Forest Farm Peace Garden so we should also mention their Abundance Day on Sunday 14th October, 12-4pm.

But don’t wait until then. They will be happy to collect any excess fruit from bushes and trees you have in your garden and they are also on the look out for donations of any empty and cleaned jam or honey jars and glass bottles (with metal lids) for making preserves and storing apple juice.


  1. There's loads of apple trees along the A406, approaching Redbridge, don't think they belong to anyone.