Monday, August 13, 2012

Wanstead Festival and Bubbles

M.I.R.A. bubbles had it’s second outing on Sunday at the Wanstead Festival. Kids do love bubbles and sometimes they can be persuaded to get their mum or dad onto our bike to make bubbles for them, which does give Roy a rest. We were also pleased to see a gaggle of (what is the collective noun for?) councillors and we were delighted that two of them got pedalling, and one of them came back for more accompanied by a Chinese UKTV Camera crew. I think it is this one. We is now famous. Roy was interviewed and said that it is all very well promoting renewable energy but was wondering how exactly he would renew his own.

John Sharrock and Janet Cornish, Chair and Secretary of Redbridge Swimmers, took full advantage to bend the councillors' ears on our council’s lack of Swimming Pools.

even Roy can do it

Cllr Alex Wilson being coached by ex-cllr Emmett

Cllr Tak Chan getting earache from Janet Cornish

from l-r: Cllrs Sue Nolan, Alex Wilson, unknown, Michelle Dunn and Nick Hayes


  1. Solved the energy renewal problem. Wheat. That was the answer.

    1. Nothing to do with the Tuna sandwich, Chips and two pints you had afterwards then?

    2. Oh, so he's off his food is he?

    3. I'm afraid so. It was only a shoal of Tuna between two slices the size of double mattresses.

  2. Good guess weggis. Two bottles of Erdinger wheat beer. Straight from the chill cabinet. Worked a treat.