Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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It seems, judging by my statistics, that readers of this blog are not taking advantage of the excellent service we offer in the right hand side bar with links to other interesting, and mostly local, blogs. Of course, those readers who use an RSS feed to view this blog will be completely oblivious to this facility and also our wonderful colour scheme on which I have spent so much time getting just the right shade of blue. So, I thought it was time to introduce some of them directly to you.

After being absent from the blogosphere for almost a year Freewheeler is back with some more Crap Cycling and Walking in Waltham Forest. Quite poignant really as one of the first things he/she blogs about is the appaling cycling infrastructure that resulted in the death of Dan Harris, a former Redbridge Council officer who was laid to rest yesterday in the new cemetery at the end of Forest Road, opposite where else but the Redbridge Cycling Centre.

As an example of micro blogging there is none better round these parts than the Roding Councillors site. We look forward to more of the same in other wards, hint, hint. We also wish Cllr Deakins a speedy recovery after her ordeal in the Olympic stadium last Sunday, at least watching at home we could turn the sound off and go make a pot of tea.

On the campaign trail we have the Save King George Hospital blog.

And a new one I added today, Firm Hugger. I think they are based in one of the low lying countries just across the North Sea and I will be keeping a close eye on them. Their latest post is a timely reminder of the sort of legacy we might expect from the Greenest Olympics Ever.

And then there's Big Smoke which will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about our Metropolis from the viewpoint of a radical, progressive leftie with a sense of humour. Not many of them about and certainly not in the Labour Party.

Some of the blogs on the list have not been updated for some time, but they are listed with the most recent content top down for your convenience. Perhaps a bit of traffic from B21 might encourage them to engage with their keyboard once again? Hint, hint!

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