Saturday, August 11, 2012

Outraged of Aldborough Hatch

You will have all heard about Aiden Burley MP and his famous Tweet on the evening of the Olympic opening ceremony. Something about “leftie multi-cultural crap”. This caused a storm of protest from the usual leftie suspects on Twitter and elsewhere on the internet and a bout of “Burley baiting” every time an ethnic minority TeamGB member won a medal, none more so than the Somalian refugee, Mo Farah. Mr Burley has now, apparently, deleted his Twitter account.

What you may not know is that Mr Burley also upset one of our dear friends, that being the legendary Ron Jeffries of Aldborough Hatch. Those of you who know Ron would not, I think, describe him as a leftie or at least the popular perception of a leftie [1]. He is well known round these parts as a writer and purveyor of books, a former Justice of the Peace and campaigner on all sorts of local issues. He also has two grand sons from a mixed marriage, the youngest of whom, Marlon, has featured before on this blog. Marlon’s paternal grandfather came to this country from the West Indies shortly after the MV Windrush. His father was born here, grew up here and is English, or British if you prefer.

Ron was so incensed that he wrote to the Prime Minister to complain about Mr Burley’s behaviour. This was a follow up to a previous letter last December also complaining about Mr Burley, on that occasion the misdemenour being a “Nazi costume party”. You will be pleased to note, and if you’re not piss off, that Ron has received replies from the Prime Minister’s Political Private Secretary condemning Mr Burley’s behaviour and remarks and distancing both the Prime Minister and the Conservative Party from them.

Multi-culturalism is not some new phenomenon that has arisen within living memory. It has been with us for centuries and probably longer. It has been a function of our sea faring habit of trade and colonisation. Foreign ships would be in our ports in London, Bristol, Liverpool etc and the crew would be on shore leave. Some of them would stay, I don’t think we had immigration controls in those days. The port towns are used to it and embrace it, but it seems that those who live in ivory towers in the more secluded parts of these isles are not.

1. Ron does not reveal his politics nor how he votes - simply because, in his own words, he has been involved in community issues, the Scout Association and the Magistracy and it is best that he is seen as impartial.
During one recent General Election campaign, a candidate was canvasing in Aldborough Hatch. A resident commented that he had no idea how Ron voted - some said that he was a right wing tory, others that he was a middle of the road liberal whilst others maintained that he was a left wing commie!


  1. I am surprised that there are no comments! What's up? Do all your readers agree with me?

  2. I did read it, but felt moved neither to condone nor condemn Mr Burley's antics. He must accept the responsibility for his behaviour, and account for it.

    As to the Olympic junket, it cost money that could have been better spent (in my opinion) on schools, hospitals, and other public services. Others may disagree with me - that is their right.

  3. Oh well, as it's Ron: why isn't Mr Burley entitled to his opinion, just like everyone else, whether or not you agree with it?

    I thought bits of the opening ceremony were toe-curlingly embarrassing, the Gt Ormond St set piece topping the list for soppy twaddle. I thought it was just me, but my kids (38 and 40 since you ask) felt the same way, as did quite a few of their friends.

    The rising of the glowing rings, the cycling doves and the 'multi'flame at the end were wonderful.

    Am I bovvered about the multiculturism hoo-ha? Nope, being a 2nd generation part of it - I'm more aggravated about the perpetual misinterpretation of "Jerusalem" by all and sundry and Mr Boyle. It's not a paean of praise to England, it's an anguished (and very beautiful) cry against industrialisation - the very industrialisation which gave birth to Britain's renewed prosperity in the 19th century.

    Well, there should be enough above to raise various hackles, fastens down hatches, retires.....