Thursday, August 16, 2012

Coming Your Way

the fruits of September
Now that the Stratfield Olympics is officially over we can all return to normal and look forward to some more localised events for your delight and delectation. Click on the links for more details.

The English Premier League kicks off this Saturday with newly promoted West Field United hosting Aston Villa on Saturday 18th August, but the excitement of the transfer window doesn’t close until 1st September. The race is on for the first sacked manager of the year with Harry Redknapp lurking in the wings.

Running from 25th August to 1st September is Make a Difference Week. There is a whole programme of events here in Redbridge and there should be something for everyone. As for our contribution we hope to be walking the streets delivering our hard copy newsletter during that week.

One event to bring out is the Voluntary Sector showcase down at the Town Hall on Thursday 30th August. This is an initiative set up by the Redbridge Mayor Cllr Muhammed Javed to highlight the voluntary sector and encourage people to participate.

The day before, Wednesday 29th August sees the start of the Paralympics which runs until Sunday 9th September. We wish all the paralympians well and especially TeamGB.

On Sunday 2nd September the Seven Kings and Goodmayes Allotment Society hold their annual Allotment Garden Festival with lots of fun stuff, a vegetable competition (Cllrs are barred) and brass band.

Moving on to Saturday 8th September we are delighted to announce the Barkingside Lite Night (Nuit Blanche) on the patio outside the Library. A feast of French cuisine cooked for you on the spot. There should be a good crowd because it starts at 4pm just as the Redbridge Labour Party conference winds up in the Aldborough room; so we can all play spot the leftie progressive amongst all the suits.

If you are having difficulty in sleeping we have the meetings for Area Committee 3 and Area Committee 4 on Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th September respectively.

The following week we have our coffee morning on Thursday 20th September. Our guest speaker is Caroline Allen, a Veterinary Surgeon who will be talking about responsible pet ownership and breeding. You may remember her, she stood for the Green Party in the Ilford North constituency in the 2010 General Election. She may also have a new title by that time.

Also this is Waste Less Live More Week from 17th to 23rd September. Organised by Waste Watch to celebrate their 25th birthday it is about helping us think about the way we live our lives so that we can reduce our environmental impact, while improving health, wellbeing and happiness. As usual our contribution to this will be late, in October when we have Sarah Mills at our Coffee morning talking about what happens to our recycling once it disappears from our recycling box.

Rounding off on Sunday 23rd September there is the Dragon Boat Race over at Fairlop Waters. Also that weekend 22-23 September is Open House London. This year it features St. Peter's Church and the Chapel at Aldborough House Farm - the former for the first time in many years and the latter for the first time ever.

If I’ve missed anything, do let me know and I’ll add it in.


  1. Recycling more is critical. A staggering £650m worth of valuable materials are literally thrown away each year in the UK, ending up in landfill or being burned.

    1. And during the hot weekend just gone, holidaymakers strewed a staggering 23 tonnes of waste all over Brighton and Hove beaches, the most collected over one weekend this year. This comes on top of and despite the provision of 20 extra staff and 60 more bins. Read about it here.
      The Green dominated Council don't seem to be able to control the people...yet!

    2. Zay hef vays off dealing mit zem!

    3. Master Hickey,
      Please practice your finger/keyboard co-ordination.