Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Nights and Days

From Redbridge Police

As the weather gets warmer Redbridge Police see more and more windows left open longer than necessary or left open and forgotten about altogether. This is the opportunity a burglar is waiting for to enter your home or business.

We can only arrest burglars after they have committed a crime, but you have the power to protect your home and prevent yourself from becoming a victim of crime in the first place. Prevention is better than cure. Don't become a victim of burglary - protect your home.

To keep your home safe and secure we are issuing the following advice to Redbridge residents:

uPVC Doors
Make sure your uPVC doors are locked with a key. Just pushing the handle up will not prevent someone from entering. Ensure that you engage the multi-locking mechanism and that the door is securely locked.

Make sure you close your windows at night time, even when you are in bed. Remember that ground floor doors and windows are easily accessible for burglars.
Invest in window locks for ground level windows and ensure you use them.

General Burglary Advice
  • Keep side and rear garden gates locked at all times;
  • Install an alarm and security lights around your home to deter burglars;
  • Do not leave your car keys or ID documents near doors, letterbox or windows;
  • Property mark your valuables and register items with a serial number at:
  • Tidy away any garden tools after use and always keep sheds and outbuildings locked.
Remember; Burglary is an opportunist crime. Don't give a burglar an opportunity.

Car theft via Burglary Advice

Most modern cars cannot be driven without the correct key, even by the most determined thief, so It is important to keep hold of your keys — treat them as you would your cash and credit cards. Make sure that your keys are kept in a secure place at home and not in reach of doors and windows.
  • If you have a garage use and lock it
  • If you have a vehicle and/or house alarm then use them
  • Use any additional steering locks and other security devices
  • Don’t just close doors and windows in your home lock them via the key. If a front door is closed and not locked, via a key, it is often easy to open the door via the letterbox.
  • Consider fitting an internal letterbox cage to prevent ‘fishing’ via the letterbox
  • Do not leave driving documents or personal correspondence in the vehicle
  • Do not leave valuables on display
  • Arrange to have the vehicle registration number etched on to all glass surfaces.
  • Try and park in well-lit overlooked locations
  • If the vehicle is parked on a drive consider fitting, either a fold down or pull up, key operated, parking post.

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