Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Paralympics – Redbridge Style

At our last coffee morning we had Lianna Etkind of Transport for All as our guest speaker. This is the sort of thing she was talking about …

This was last Friday after the bus had moved forward a yard or two
This was today before the bus moved forward
Over the last few days I have used the 179 bus twice from the Cocked Hat to South Woodford station. On the first occasion there was a wheelchair user who wished to get off at that stop and today there was a woman with a buggy containing a small child.

The first part of the problem is that the bus shelter has its solid wall adjacent to the kerb such that if the bus driver used the full length of the bus clearway markings on the road surface, the front doors would open a few inches away from that solid wall and the passengers would not be able to get on. So, being sensible people they stop just short of the bus shelter leaving the 12-15 feet of road markings in front of the bus redundant, for the time being.

The problem with this is that in that position those passengers who wish to get off via the doors halfway down the side of the bus are confronted with a strategically placed Redbridge Council litter bin which is firmly fixed to the floor (I tested it) and on some days lots of black rubbish bags.

So, the driver lets the passengers on, closes the front doors, moves the bus on a yard or two, and then lets the ramp down and opens the middle doors. So everybody’s happy. Except me.

This is just one example of the disjointed and thoughtless working of multiple agencies that not only inconveniences those with mobility problems but also costs us taxpayers dearly through the cost of failure, i.e. putting things right.

Dear Cllr Bond (Deputy Leader and member for Roding ward) and Cllr Mrs Nolan (Cabinet Member for Highways),

Would you please make arrangements to rectify the problems at this bus stop and also undertake a review of all bus stops in Redbridge to ensure the problem is not replicated elsewhere.

You are always welcome to attend our coffee mornings to find out about such things.

Thank You
Note: It is not at all clear to me why some bus shelters have their solid wall adjacent to the kerb and some do not. Perhaps someone in the know could enlighten me?


  1. It's probably the same disjointed attitudes that put down red surfaces at bus stops in Barkingside High Street, mark the boundaries with yellow paint, place placques on posts saying that there is no parking or loading at any time except for local buses, and then fails to take enforcement action against offenders.

    On recent Saturday evenings at Fullwell Cross there has even been a police vehicle guilty of this offence whilst its occupants patronise the nearby chuckway chicken shop for their suppers. Such inconsiderate people force buses to stop in the middle of the road making it unnecessarily difficult for passengers to board and alight, and delaying other traffic in the process.

    Shame on the offenders for being so selfish, and shame on Redbridge Council for their persistent failure.

    1. Last night from 23.12 to 23.26 never fewer than 4 cars parked in the bus stop clearway/loading bays (about which the council recently issued a warning) and at times up to eight. No sign of any enforcement, to the disadvantage of bus passengers.

      Where is Redbridge Council when you need them?

  2. I can report that both Cllrs Bond and Nolan responded to the above post shortly after it was published but for some unknown reason both their emails ended up in the cesspit known as my Spam Box.

    They (the emails) have now been through a decontamination process to reveal that the issues are being taken up and no doubt we will hear more in due course, hopefully sooner rather than later, assuming they don’t get dumped in the poo again…

  3. Arthur Streeb-Greebling12:04 pm, July 06, 2012

    I would suggest the bin was there before the bus stop perhaps there is an alternative guilty party?
    The buses might be longer than before or shorter.
    I am sure the bin will be moved and then someone will moan that bus users are dropping rubbish on the floor because the bins too far away.
    The council will be the scapegoat for this too no doubt.

    Agenda 21 was a positive step foward for 21st century living I am afraid posts like these are the complete opposite owing to its spitefulness to anyone who dares object to their views or not meet their(B21) expectations.
    Positivity and civil solutions, not cheap political swipes all the time is letting down those who contribed and deliver the message from the Rio summit.

    1. I presume that the Rio summit proscribed freedom neither of thought nor of expression?

    2. Well, I suppose that B21 could hardly post about issues related to physical disabilities and then deny a platform to the intellectually challenged.

  4. That's why he's given you a platform.

  5. Now, now, children. ASG has a point, I do go on a bit about the costs of failure which could be avoided with a little bit of thought. See this post from 2006.

  6. Regarding the point of why some bus shelters have their solid wall adjacent to the kerb, it is yet another case failing to grasp what the original purpose was.

    The stop I use in Ley Street on my excursions to Barkingside is like this. The pavement is narrow with a wall opposite the kerb, so the shelter forms a congested tunnel. If passengers stand in the shelter, they block the pavement for pedestrians but, if they perch their posteriors on the facility provided, they have their backs to the road and cannot see the buses approaching ...