Thursday, July 12, 2012

Barkingside’s Olympic Gridlock

You already know about the Snoozebox village up at Hainault Forest Country Park accommodating 4,000 Military Personnel and the off-on-off (?) proposal for a 6,000 person campsite at Forest Farm in Forest Road, opposite Fairlop Waters.

What you probably didn’t know about, and neither did we, was the proposal from Redbridge Childrens’ Services and Cllr Edward (sic!) Weinberg to invite private bidders to run an Olympic car park on the fields abutting Starch House Lane in between King Solomon High School and the Primary school at the bottom of Craven Gardens.

Now, what you have to know here is that some while ago the junction of Starch House Lane and Forest Road was rearranged as exit only because of problems with traffic congestion. Entry is only via Virginia Gardens off Craven Gardens. So we can expect what, 500? 1,000?, 1,500? Cars per day accessing this “parking facility” via this narrow residential road.

And the “car park” is a field, that is er… grass. There is no hard standing. Has anyone looked at the weather forecast? I don’t know if you have noticed this but it’s been raining for some months now and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. So even if the car parkers can extricate themselves from the mud they will be depositing that mud all over Redbridge Highways which will result in a clean up bill.

The other thing of note is that the pollution monitor at Fullwell Cross roundabout is one of the worst in the whole of Greater London even though it is in West Essex.

On the up side the Olympics take place during the school holidays so there is no mum-run. So, if you were looking forward to the usual respite of being able to get to work on time, well, sorry!

If you want to have your say on this there is the Area Committee 3 meeting next Wednesday and we have the Council Leader at our coffee morning next Thursday - revised time 11-1pm.

Stock up with essentials and batten down the hatches is my advice, coz you ain't going nowhere unless it's on foot.

UPDATE Monday 23rd July: In the first of two (so far) U-Turns today the Car Park proposal has been abandoned.


  1. If my local geography is correct, at least the entrance to the marsh carpark avoids the bridge at Fairlop Station. Imagine the jams if a lorry wedged itself under that during the Olympics! It still might happen, I suppose. When will the council get round to putting tubular bells on either side of that bridge? It's the only way to stop those half-asleep lorry drivers.

  2. Me thinks that Cllr Prince is going to have a REALLY interesting morning next Thursday having to answer a lot of hard questions by a lot of unhappy people. I will be one of them. It's just like the council to sneak this one in under the radar so close to games time. What a farce!

  3. Roll on September! Problem is, we could be paying the bill for this expensive junket over many years to come.

    As for the car park in the mud, how much will Redbridge be fleecing motorists for this?

  4. Don’t know about Redbridge fleecing motorists, Morris – it seems the field-parking contract is out to tender.... little bit late in the day, eh?

    And (to give the Ilford Recorder credit) they did credit Cllr. Allan Weinberg in the printed version of their paper; the crediting of Cllr Edward Weinberg was obviously “computer knows better” – although, I must admit, I almost had a heart attack at the thought of another Weinberg on Redbridge Council.... the start of a dynasty, with Alan Weinburger as the Godfather?!

    1. Read his details on the council website - Alan Edward Weinberg.

      Such a prolonged silence, Ray, I thought you'd either emigrated or were being kept at our expense.

  5. I may have been away, Morris, but the real truth is: these days, in this Borough, I just couldn't be ars#d anymore... (which, of course, is what this Council wants!)....

    - as for the Olympics themselves?: "I am going outside... I may be gone for some time...."

  6. I've started a petition against this and been in touch with the local paper (see edition published 12/7/12). This is utter madness and blatant abuse of power to money grab for the council. Disgusting!
    What also needs to be highlighted is the high water table under the field as there is a river bed there....look at the surface water currently sitting on it.....not rocket science! I will be there next wednesday!

  7. Will try to make the Area 3 myself next Wednesday - oh what fun it will be, Anonymous!

  8. NeighbourhoodWatcher2:01 pm, July 14, 2012

    I have an acquaintence who lives in Heybridge Drive.

    Cars already use the section of Starchhouse Lane south of Virginia Gardens, where it peters out from a single car width to a narrow footpath. (what these cars are doing there is anyone's guess).

    This section of Starchhouse Lane has been deeply rutted by tyre tracks and when it rains (like most of the time!!), this section of the lane turns into a quagmire (and remains so as it never gets the chance to dry out).

    This is likely to be the fate of the field being referred to - between the former Jewish Primary School and the boundary of King Solomon High.

    1. Quote: "... coffee morning next Thursday - revised time 11-1pm ..."

      No mention of this in the Upcoming Events link in the sidebar ...

    2. There is now ... Thanks for reminding me.

  9. I've been catching up with events while I've been away and just spotted a little gem in the Recorder from two weeks ago ...

    No person shall, between 22:00 hours on Saturday 21 July and 11:00 hours on Sunday 22 July 2012, cause or permit any vehicle to stop on any length of street specified in the Schedule ...

    High Street Barkingside
    (a) the south east side, from its junction with Fullwell Cross roundabout to the northern kerb line of Tanners Lane

    Cranbrook Road
    (a) the south east side, from the southern kerb line of Tanners Lane to a point opposite the north eastern flank wall of No. 843 Cranbrook Road

    There are exceptions, of course, but they don't include, for example, buses ...

    So, from ten o'clock on Saturday night to well after the circus moves on, no southbound buses - including two night buses - are allowed to stop in central Barkingside ...

    That will be fun, won't it? Particularly on Saturday night. Could somebody please explain this bit of crass stupidity?

    1. Don't get too worried about it. There are current 24/7 prohibitions at all bus stops on both sides of the High Street, but the council does sweet FA to enforce them. Even the local fuzz ignore them when parking their official vehicles on supper runs at the chuckaway chicken shop.