Monday, July 30, 2012

Barkingside Landmarks

At the other end of Barkingside High Street from the Famous Fairlop Oak, now minus its metal plaque, (shame the CCTV camera wasn't pointing in the other direction) Barnardos today celebrates the completion of its new Headquarters office building. Barnardos has been in Barkingside for 140 years.

Just around the corner on the other side of the railway track from the listed Barkingside Tube Station is the Oakside Stadium, home to Barkingside Football Club. This coming season, 2012-13, will be their 55th season at the Oakside making the club the longest serving in the borough. Next year, 2013, will be the 115th year since the club was founded in 1898.

The chairman, Jimmy Flanagan, is immensely proud of this and thought these anniversaries were worth celebrating with various events and functions throughout the season and a new Club Crest, below. Watch out for details.


  1. barnardos......mmmmmmm in a Borough with no childrens homes...............?

    1. Does any borough have Children's homes these days?

    2. So-called "looked after" children (ie those in the care of the local authority) in Redbridge are in foster homes in natural family surroundings not in institutions resembling army barracks or worse.