Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Redbridge Green Fair

Thanks to Ros (pictured below) and all the team for putting this together. There have been so many events and attractions this long Bank Holiday weekend it’s a wonder that anybody turned up at all. But it was a good crowd and good fun and I got to meet a few new people – like the Redbridge Freegle moderators who told me why Freegle split away from Freecycle.

There was some political activity there too, see photograph below. The Green Party, Communist Party, Labour Party and UKIP all had stalls. No sign of the Coalition though. I wonder why? However, the Redbridge Council leader, Keith Prince, put in an appearance along with his colleague Ashley Kissin. For Labour we had cllrs Bellwood, White (without her trumpet), Jones, Choudhury and Littlewood. Gerard Batten the UKIP London MEP was also on hand to talk about putting himself out of a job.

Plenty of music there too from the Redbridge Music Lounge people. They have something for everybody and they will be at the Fairlop Fair next Month too, after the Music Fest later this month. Pictured are 10 String Fever.

Debbie the resident Herbalist at the Forest Farm Peace Garden did her usual presentation on herbs while her partner Keith did a disappearing act. Mira asked the London Wildlife Trust people how to keep cats out of her garden – Cat Mint they said. Of goes Mira to a stall to buy some and asks – oh no said they, cats love Cat Mint. No sale!

Note to self: Next time take a packed lunch of bacon sandwiches and a bottle of Real Ale …


  1. Following a chance meeting yesterday, the following conversation took place:

    Me: "Hello Mira, where's your bike?"
    Mira: "Alan's got it."
    Mrs Knowsie: "So why isn't he here pedalling it?"
    Mira: "There is a reason, but I don't know what it is!"

    We should be told ...

    Shame on you! Shown up in your own back yard by a 'Pedal your own smoothie' man - all the way from Birmingham. (So not very green ...)

    Still, the kids seem to enjoy mixing their own smoothies!

    1. a) We haven't done the Health & Safety course yet, so don't have a certificate,
      b) We haven't done the Food Hygiene course yet, so don't have a certificate.

      BTW, did you notice how the Smoothie man had a Direct Drive. i.e. didn't convert Kinetic energy into electrical energy and then back into Kinetic energy?

    2. Mr Elfin Safety strikes again ...

      ... I don't recall Paul Canal being warned that he was taking his life in his hands (or should that be feet?) at the Coffee Morning launch ...

      Yes, Mr Smoothie Man's machine was delightfully simple - I had meant to include "and no wires" in my previous post ...

    3. The Green Fair peeps are very strict on these things ...

  2. So why did Freegle split from Freecycle?

    1. That gossip is only available in the Fairlop Oak ...

    2. Must go there some time then.