Monday, June 18, 2012

Recycling the News

The Butterfly effect in Chaos Theory - click

Well, it is recycling week and I haven’t done a round up of things that have caught my attention for a while now - and BritBlog Round up seems to have died a death with the advent of Facebook and Twitter.

So, we start with a Tweet from Caroline Allen. “Can’t remember the last time I saw a butterfly in the wild”, she writes. Well, I don’t remember seeing many when I lived in a flat in Islington either. Funnily enough, that very day I saw a few in my garden along with a large number of honey bees, all on one bush, busily working away as they do. Which leads me on to an intriguing new term introduced to me by Dr Richard Lawson. He’s not one of those academic Doctors, he’s a proper one, a GP and a psychiatrist to boot. The term being “Nature Deficit Disorder”. Go read the post. Illuminating.

Which sort of fits in with another news story in the Telegraph about how 16-23 year olds in this country don’t actually know where their food comes from. “Fewer than half of young UK adults know butter comes from a dairy cow and a third do not know eggs come from hens, according to a survey.” Mrs Editor tells me she saw a TV programme recently where children thought that Pasteurised, Full Fat, Semi-skimmed and skimmed milk all came from different types of cow.

And while we are on the subject of Milk here is all you ever wanted to know about breasts but were afraid to ask. Which might explain why some male politicians don’t know the price of a pint.

Anyway, while I’m on the subject of breast milk this seems a perfect opportunity to give a plug to reusable nappies, to cut down on those dreadful disposable ones clogging up our landfill sites and giving whatever species that replaces us some interesting archaeological digs in a few million years time.

Moving on, we have the People and Planet Report which considers the challenges we face due to human population and unprecedented levels of consumption on a finite planet.

And finally there is a thing going on called Rio+20. Our Prime Minister and Chancellor, apparently, are not going. Frankly I’m not bothered. The change, when it comes, and it will come, will not come from any event like Rio+20 or people like Cameron or Osborne. It will emerge from the chaos of collapse like it has always done before.

It’s called the recycling of history.

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