Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recycle Week 2012

Next week it is mostly Recycle week

And to celebrate Recycle Week which takes place from 16 to 24 June, Enterprise, Redbridge in Partnership with the Recycling team will be holding various events.

We will be running Community Swap Shops at Valentines Mansion & Gardens in Ilford; Ilford Islamic Centre, Ilford; Gants Hill United Reformed Church in Gants Hill; Orchard Estate in Woodford Green and at East Ilford Betterment Partnership in conjunction with the Prince of Wales Public House (car park), Ilford where you have the chance to bring along something you no longer want or use and swap it for something you do want - all for free! Click for details.

The theme this year is "Recycling home and away".

Recycle week is a fantastic opportunity to find out how we can do a little more to help our local environment.

For more information of activities taking place in Redbridge, visit www.redbridge.gov.uk/recycling or call 020 8708 5074.

Habiba Ahmed | Recycling Officer


  1. It seems they are ignoring Barkingside. Is that because we're good at recycling or because they've given up on us?

    And when is Redbridge ever going to start recycling metal? I have a dead lawnmower Redbridge is welcome to, but I'm damned if I'm going to pay to have it taken away. And what about bottle tops and other small metal items that get put in the bin, because Redbridge can't be bothered to recycle them? Tin cans are all it wants.

    1. I picked up some info on that at the Council's recycling stall at the 'Fun in the Park' event last Saturday, but I need to check some of the figures before I publish it ...

  2. "....where you have the chance to bring along something you no longer want....".

    Wonderful opportunity for Mary!

    1. Still recycling your jokes I see, Morris ...

    2. Encouraged by your infectious enthusiasm for recycling B21.