Monday, June 11, 2012

On yer Marks.. Get Set.. Go!

There is an event scheduled to commence next month (July), and which I’ve mentioned before on this blog, but I’m now not sure I am allowed to tell you what it is. You see the Branding Police have decided that to publish the name of our Capital City, the number of the current year and the “O” word either individually or all in one sentence is an infringement of their commercial rights as defined in a Bill passed by our Parliament back in 2006. I am also not allowed to publish any logos or graphics which involve interlocking circles etc. So, I’m taking a risk here of having my front door kicked in at 3am and my Hard Drive confiscated.

Anyway, this event is going to have some repercussions on our daily lives. You already know about 4,000 security staff being located up at Hainault Forest Country Park and another 6,000 campers to be located at Forest Farm opposite Fairlop Waters. All these extra people will have to get to where they are going somehow and at the same time there will be restrictions on the “public highways” not only for motorised vehicles but also for cyclists, pedestrians and joggers. Here we go …

From the Transport for London Briefing:

Road impacts

The Olympic and Paralympic Route Network (ORN/ PRN) and Games Lanes

The ORN is a network of roads connecting venues, accommodation and transport hubs across London. At 109 miles, it covers just one per cent of the capital’s road network and just one third, or around 30 miles, is Games Lanes open only to the Games Family – the athletes, officials, workers and media – and is designed to ensure reliable journey times to and from venues.

The ORN will generally be in operation between 0600 and midnight when parking or stopping on the ORN will be restricted and when Games lanes are in operation they will be for accredited vehicles only.

The ORN will require some changes to the road network. In Redbridge, these changes will include a part-time restricted turn at Redbridge roundabout and a part-time closure of the westbound entry slip road onto the A12 at the Green Man roundabout. As the A12 and North Circular are key routes to and from the Olympic Park, they will be significantly busier during the Games, affecting the Ilford, Wanstead and Redbridge areas in particular.

TfL’s primary aim is for road users to comply with the restrictions on the ORN to ensure the Games run smoothly and London keeps moving during Games time. However, a penalty charge of £130 will be issued to owners of vehicles who break these regulations during the Games and any illegally parked vehicle will be removed to a vehicle pound.

LOCOG are working with the Local Authorities around the venues to implement traffic management and parking plans which will protect residents and businesses close by and enable us to deliver an efficient transport plan for the Games.

Public Roadshows

A series of roadshows are being held across London from June to raise awareness of the transport impacts during the 2012 Games to help people living and working in the London boroughs to understand how they may be affected and to plan ahead and consider their alternative travel options.

In Redbridge, the roadshow will take place in the following location:

Date: Thursday 14 June
Time: 12noon - 7pm
Address: Wanstead High Street (outside The George Public House)

Here are some links that may, or may not, be helpful.

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Meanwhile in other news

Third of London hotel rooms empty for Olympics as 'normal' tourists stay away - London’s hotels are facing a dramatic loss in profits with a third of rooms unsold over the summer after tourists have been put off by the Olympics, a survey has found. - Telegraph

Personally I am really looking forward to the new Olympic event called “Getting to Work”.

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  1. Husband and I are royally ticked about the campsite plan. No idea how it's going to effect our daily lives but it sounds like Mr. Fowler is planning to run it as a festival site 24/7 until the games are over. Seems to me the only one who is going to benefit from that alleged £2 million will be him.

    1. Well he's certainly got his own on-site supermarket thanks to the failure of Redbridge Planning to take enforcement action when they were first warned about it.

  2. It's a myth that the Olympics create tourism, as our greedy hotels are finding out. Good thing too. Australia had an invasion of bed bugs after the Melbourne Olympics and they've spread all over the country. So, fewer tourists, fewer hotel bookings, fewer bed bugs for London. Great! Now all we've got to suffer is interminable BBC coverage of the damned games. What about a refund on our TV licences?

  3. see b-side 21,,,,I reckon you could get away with using the olympic rings logo as an alternative road/route plan around all the roads in most of london while the games are on.

  4. Oh you silly, silly man, B21! Don't you understand the logic? The Olympic rings (sssh!) represent so many things. Firstly, the roads in and around Redbridge and the Olympic sites, which become circular because they are likely to get you nowhere very very slowly.Then the five circles indicate how the authoroties will run rings round us all in five different colours and then make us all pay for the results in FIVE (get it?) hundred different ways.
    They also represent five large holes into which our hard-earned taxpayers' money will be shovelled, never to be seen again.

    You really ought to do your research.

    1. Interesting ideas Alfred. I thought they might be the 5 zeros to be added to the original estimate of costs for this outrageous junket.

      Perverse, is it not, that money can be found for this, but not for our schools, hospitals, care of the elderly, and maintaining our armed forces. Now I understand they intend to squander no less than £27-millions on an "opening ceremony" including a parade of farm animals! I could suggest who the three cows might be......

    2. What are the odds that they won't need the "fake rain"?

    3. We've already had too much faking rain.

    4. Just as well the hose pipe ban is about to be relaxed.

  5. Authoroties!!! Sorry. A typo please, NOT a spelling mistake, perish the thought.