Thursday, June 28, 2012

No Minister

For those of you who don’t read the local papers here’s John Coombes, Chairman of the Redbridge Pensioners Forum.

How to upset the Elderly

The National Pensioners Convention held their Annual Conference in Blackpool from Monday June 18th – 21st.

The Redbridge Pensioners Forum sent five delegates to conference this year hoping to hear amongst other things a major speech by Paul Burstow MP, the Lib Dem Minister responsible for Care.

Mr Burstow was invited to speak in 2011 but failed to turn up, and later became the apologist for his leader who had made certain pronouncements in December 2011 regarding the Freedom Pass amongst other hard fought benefits which the elderly enjoy.

Mr Burstow was invited by the Convention several months ago to speak on Wednesday Afternoon but once again failed to attend saying he had pressing duties in London.

To not attend once might be put down as unfortunate; to do so for a second time can only be assumed to be a total lack of respect for the elderly for which as a minister of state responsible for care is proof “if proof as such was needed” that this government is not fit to govern whilst such ministers are holding such important portfolios.

John P Coombes
Chairman Redbridge Pensioners Forum

Note: Apparently they replaced him with one these >>>

And here's the proof ...


  1. Why is he called the Minister for Care when he obviously couldn't care less? Throw him, and the rest of this self-serving government out, preferrably of a plane over the Atlantic.

  2. What do you expect from a shell-shocked LibDem?