Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Safer Communities News

New plan to tackle crime in the Borough

The Borough’s new Partnership Plan has been agreed.
The Borough’s top crime priorities were set as:
  • Burglary
  • Robbery and Serious Youth Violence
  • Drug and alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour. 
  • Helping vulnerable and repeat victims.
The plan, which details how the Borough will help tackle crime in the next year, puts victims at the heart of the work of the Police, Council and other partners to increase safety in Redbridge.

CCTV – we’ve got Redbridge covered 

Redbridge Police and Council are issuing a stark warning to criminals operating in the Borough – “you will be caught on CCTV and arrested”.

The message comes as part of a campaign promoting Redbridge’s high tech CCTV system which has assisted or led to more than 2,700 arrests in the last three years.

The campaign, titled “We’ve got Redbridge covered” highlights why residents and visitors can feel safe as the Borough targets criminals.

Find out more on CCTV here.

Borough Performance 

Council’s Police Team continue to make a difference 

Officers from Redbridge’s Community Police Team continue to make their presence felt both in parks and elsewhere in the Borough.

The team patrol in and around the Borough’s parks as well as any crime or anti-social behaviour hotspots across the Borough, providing an increased Police presence.

Recent examples of achievements by the Police Team include:
  • Helping Loxford Safer Neighbourhood Team with operations to tackle prostitution in Ilford Lane.
  • Pursuing and arresting a man for possession of drugs with intent to supply and criminal damage after a car was driven into a police vehicle near the Flowers Estate in Ilford.
  • Assisting the Council’s ASB service to seize a CD player and other noise-making equipment from an address in Cranbrook Road following noise complaints.
  • Supporting the Borough’s licensing team with visits to pubs and clubs.  
  • Arresting two suspected burglars during a patrol in Roding Valley Country Park.
  • Helping dog owners get their pets micro chipped in parks across the Borough.
  • Locating a missing eight-year-old boy in Barley Lane Park.
Residents who wish to contact the team can do so on 07904 640042.  In an emergency always call 999 or for non-emergencies call 101.

ASB team on the road again after successful surgeries 

Residents will again get the chance to voice their concerns about anti-social behaviour (ASB) after the Council confirmed another set of ASB surgeries will take place in 2012. 

In 2011 the Council’s ASB Team held five surgeries across the Borough so residents could come and tell them about any ASB they were aware of. 
The tour was very successful and the Council will once again touring the Borough with the surgeries this year. 
The first surgery took place on 24 May at the Ilford Methodist Church, Ilford Lane for residents of Clementswood, Loxford and Mayfield wards.  If you want to contact the Borough’s ASB team you can phone 0208 478 4679 or email


  1. Interesting post and I will re-read at leisure.
    However, oh why or why, use percentages up (or down) to give us statistics. Surely the numbers are not that high, so current figures, with previous figures in brackets, would be a lot more tangible.
    Percentages don't impress me one iota and, no, I am not Greek!

  2. You've hit the nail on the head Anne. If there were 2 incidents of a particular type of crime last year, but 1 this year, then it's a 50% reduction. That's why they'll only quote percentages.

    1. But by the same logic 1 incident last year and 2 this year would be a 100% increase!

    2. Precisely. Quoting percentages is a gross deception and totally hides the reality. It's the stock-in-trade of statisticians (and, indeed, of some politicians too).

    3. ... Which further reinforces Anne's point.

      Theft of motor vehicles is becoming increasingly difficult so a drop here (15.3%) is not unexpected but, as this is a situation which should have been improving year after year, the actual numbers involved could be very low.

      By contrast, the seemingly much smaller increase in residential burglaries (4.6%) could be in the thousands, for all I know ...

    4. There's a link to the actual figures in the post above Click!
      You can drill down to Ward level and on this site click! you can get in down to street level.