Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy, Busy June

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s Whitsun on Monday and there is no Bank Holiday. That’s because there are two Bank Holidays the following week for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Mind you every day is a Bank Holiday for us retired people. There’s lots going on next month, despite our Council’s Jubillee Committee not functioning after the Chairman resigned. I’ve no idea if there’s anything going on in our High Street but there are plenty of locals competing for your custom. So, let’s get the schedule of those that I know about. Click on the links for details.

The biggy is the official celebrations up town with the River Thames Pageant on Sunday 3rd June. There are also events on the Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

If you don’t fancy a sweaty journey on our highly reliable and air conditioned Tube trains there is the Fairlop Waters Diamond Jubilee Fun Day also on Sunday 3rd June.

Sunday also seems to be the day for Jubilee Street parties. Too many to mention but there is this one on Staggart Green in Hainault.

On Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th June there is Wilson’s Redbridge Carnival but my advice is to give that a miss on the Monday because the Redbridge Green Fair is back with a bang on Monday 4th June and you can catch up with Wilson on the Tuesday.

We then have a respite until the following Saturday 9th June when we have the now annual Fun in the Park at Barkingside Recreation Ground. I understand the Barkingside Bohemians will be there displaying their work.

Rolling over to Sunday 10th June there is the Hainault Forest Country Park Open Day. I’m not sure if they plan to have guided tour of the Snoozebox village which is due to be there from 1st June but I’m sure it will be fun whatever they have in store.

Moving onwards and upwards there is the Guide Dogs for the Blind Fun Day on Saturday 16th June up at the Woodford Bridge training centre. I’m sure you’ve seen the trainers out and about in Barkingside and would love to pop along to support this local charity, especially if you like friendly dogs. I also noticed, as I would, that they have put in a licence application to sell alcohol.

Sunday 17th June is World Music Day at Forest Farm Peace Garden, a haven of well, peace, in a crowded metropolis with well, Music from around the world.

Last April's free family learning course introducing parents and children to new ways to enjoy and relate to the natural world using a mix of art, science and imagination is back from Tuesday 19th June running through to Tuesday 10th July.

There is a free showing of the film Queeen of the Sun on Friday 22nd June at Wanstead Library organisied by our local Friends of the Earth people. It’s about bees, those tiny creatures we depend upon to pollenate plants and keep us fed. Click the link to book.

The very next day is the start of a 3 day festival at St Peter’s church in Aldborough Hatch: Saturday 23rd – Monday 25th June. It’s their annual flower festival and this year’s theme is “Best of Britain”. We are reliably informed that a Spitfire will feature although it is unlikely to be a pint of Shepherd Neame beer. 

Competing with this is the annual Redbridge Music Fest on Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th June. I don’t have any details as yet but expect it to be in Ilford Town Centre on the Saturday and Valentines Park by the bandstand on the Sunday.

And to round off, don’t forget our coffee morning on Thursday 21st June when we have Lianna Etkind coming to speak about accessible transport.

If I’ve forgotten anything or anyone, then just drop me an email and I’ll add it in.

And if I have time, in between all this, I might write another post for July …. I think there maybe something starting in that month …


  1. Err ... "I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s Whitsun on Monday ..."

    Whitsun - White Sunday - falling on a Monday ...?

    As it happens, this coming Sunday, 27th May is the feast of Pentecost - aka Whitsun - but Whit Monday has not been a Bank Holiday in this country for 45 years, having been replaced by the Spring Bank Holiday, nominally fixed as the last Monday in May - which may or may not coincide with Whit Monday (Whitsun is always the 7th Sunday after Easter).

    This year, when the two would normally have coincided, the bank holiday has been moved by a week (as has been noted) although another millennium style bug seems to have crept in ...

    The Queen's silver jubilee was on the 6th February 2012 whilst next Saturday, 2nd June, will be the 59th anniversary of the Coronation ...

    1. Strange - I thought her Silver Jubilee was in 1977......

  2. Ah yes, Morris, well spotted! These millennium style bugs get everywhere, don't they?

    However, the point I was making was to query the wisdom of moving the celebrations to June, as it isn't the diamond (got it right this time!) jubilee? I can see that February is not the best time to organise festivities from a weather point of view, and HM might not want to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her father's death, either. But we've got glorious weather this weekend and next weekend could just as easily turn in a repeat performance of 1953 when, as I'm sure that you, and everybody else who was around at the time will remember, the heavens opened and it hammered down all day!

    There's a street party here this week and the organisers are optimistic that the water board will have completed their water main replacements by then - I'm not so optimistic! - but I note that someone is hoping to borrow a marquee in case of rain! At least, if the water board haven't completed their works, there will be lots of exposed earth for the tent pegs ...

    Back to that time shift again - were HMG really that worried that HM would lose out against that (comparatively) young Mr Humperdinck and the Eurovision song contest if they'd clashed ...