Sunday, April 15, 2012


This letter in last Thursday’s (12th April 2012) Ilford Recorder caught my eye. I have had similar problems.

On Wednesday 28th March I took the 128 Bus to Green Lane, Ilford, to visit Maplins for a few bits and pieces. They didn’t have anything I wanted in stock - and High Street Traders wonder why people shop on-line. Still, I got to have “lunch” in the Prince of Wales where I met one of the Musicians with Redbridge Music Lounge and had an interesting chat about their not yet operational website. I was then accosted on my way to the Bus Stop by some bloke who wanted me to publicise his Redbridge Carnival.

Anyway, none of that is what this post is about. When I got home, about 4:30pm, I ordered a folding trolley from the Maplins website, pictured below. When folded it is no more than 2” in depth. It arrived first thing the following Thursday morning. #Prompt

And this is what it was in. A huge cardboard box with loads of cardboard stuffing inside. I couldn’t get it all into my Blue Recycling box the following week so I put it out as shown with the Blue box on top to indicate it is cardboard recycling. They didn’t take it. I went out and asked them to take it. It’s too bulky they said, and the dustmen will take it. The dustmen took it. So it went to landfill – Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

So, Maplins. Delivery #Excellent, Packaging #Fail.

And Redbridge Council. Are you collecting cardboard or not? Or only if it is inside the Blue Box?


  1. Why do you think Redbridge gave you a blue box? It's to limit the amount of cardboard and paper you can recycle in any one week.

    1. And here's me thinking it was to accommodate the monthly instalment of the council tax paid in penny coins.

  2. I have spent many a happy hour cutting up large cardboard boxes so that they will fit inside the plastic one. Waste of everybody's time until the operatives are told that it's OK to pick up the cardboard and throw it on the van.

    On the funny side, last week the guy casually tried to pick up the paper/cardboard container with one hand and nearly dislocated his shoulder. My husband had been clearing out files and it weighed a lot! Bad news, he has cracked the plastic and we will soon need a new box.
    Three steps forward, two back as usual.

  3. The tonnage data since cardboard collections started, shows that the scheme is being well used, so hopefully the majority of residents are finding it a useful addition to the recycling service.

    The majority of household cardboard such as cereal boxes, cardboard packaging etc should fit inside the blue box when flattened. Unfortunately from an operational perspective we are unable to collect larger items of cardboard as these become stuck in the hopper of the vehicle, preventing further loading, hence the reason for us asking for cardboard to be flattened inside the box.

    Larger items of card will need to be cut/down or torn so as to fit inside the box, or alternatively, residents can recycle larger items of card at the Chigwell Road Reuse and Recycling Centre.

    Tom Lawrence
    Recycling Manager
    London Borough of Redbridge

  4. Fair enough,residents recycle cardboard.It's supposed to be in the blue box and not on the streets.