Thursday, March 22, 2012

QE II Fields in Trust – Barkingside Recreation Ground

This, below, is from a Press Release dated 15th February 2012 on our Award winning council website Redbridge-i:
Local residents are to be asked if they would support a proposal to permanently protect Barkingside Recreation Ground for local community use as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The Cabinet agreed on Tuesday 14 February to consult residents over plans to designate the recreation ground in Mossford Green as a Queen Elizabeth II Fields in Trust - ensuring access to outdoors sport, play and recreation - both for now and future generations.
I have been studiously waiting for over a month now for some indication as to how and when this consultation will take place. I had been informed by a Councillor that there was a web survey on Redbridge-i but he could not provide a link and I could not find it via the site search engine.

The subject was raised last night at Area Committee 3 and I asked again for the link. It was sent to me this morning by an Officer from Vision. It is not a consultation or a survey. It is a page on the QE II Fields in Trust site giving details of Barkingside Recreation ground and where you can, if you wish, click the “LIKE” button.

So, in the absence of any consultation by Redbridge Council, perhaps you could pop over there and click the button and record your views here in the comments section on whether we should support this initiative to protect our local Rec from those who would turn it into a car park to service the High Street.


  1. And they cannot even get Ken Aston's name right!

    1. Is that a Yellow or Red card offence?

    2. I see that it has now been corrected and we are up from 9 to 62 and counting ...

  2. 18 votes so far.... what's the "status" of Fairlop Waters / Fairlop Plain - perhaps we should make that a Protected species too???

    1. Is it true, Ray, that you made a visit this morning to Valentines Mansion?

  3. I hope the numbers of 'like it' will increase exponentially!
    Well done B21, your ears to the ground and the technology to your finger tips.

  4. NeighbourhoodWatcher11:41 pm, March 22, 2012

    Barkingside Rec. was once part of the Gearies Estate and was donated by its owner, Percy Brand, to the Borough for the recreational use of its citizens in perpetuity.

    Similar gifts further south in the Borough were made by Archie Cameron-Corbett, Lord Rowallan, which is how we got Seven Kings Park and Cricklefields (and therefore the Swimming Pool).

    I am therefore somewhat puzzled as to what it is that we are supposed to protect Barkingside Rec. from.

    And ... are there any plans to protect Oakfield in similar fashion?

    ... would not Valentines Park be a more worthy candidate for "protection"?

    ... how about Fairlop Waters?

    1. ...EX swimming pool, if you please!

    2. NeighbourhoodWatcher12:26 am, March 23, 2012

      It wasn't an EX Swimming Pool then.

      Wasn't the provision of the Swimming Pool part of the original Covenant between Lord Rowallan and the Ilford Borough as was?

    3. I suspect that there are differences in legal status that determine their vulnerability or otherwise.

      Valentines Park is, I believe, bequeathed land that is protected by a restrictive covenant within the terms of the bequest.

      Fairlop Waters is within the designated Metropolitan Green Belt.

      I cannot be certain of the status of Oakfield, but I was involved in its acquisition from the Inner London Education Authority (ILEA) and believe that it MIGHT be green belt.

      All three of these, therefore (if my presumed designations are correct) enjoy a legal protection from inappropriate development. Appropriate development would include recreational purposes and the associated infrastructure such as car parking for the specific use of those enjoying the recreational facilities.

      Barkingside Rec, however, like many of our parks, is not protected legally from development. Some years ago (early 1990s) the then Chairman of the former Recreation & Amenities Committee had a scheme to solve the shortage of burial plots in the borough by using part of Seven Kings Park as a cemetery. There was no legal obstacle to such a scheme (other than the need to secure planning permission) and it was only massive public protest that led to the scheme being abandoned.

      I would never rule out the possibility of just such a scheme as that mentioned at the conclusion of B21s article above, or other forms of development around the periphery of the site. This might include the provision of a significantly sized car for the support of the locality rather than just park users.

      So the proposed designation is vital to securing this wonderful "green lung" in the heart of a residential and commercial area. Any perceived need for additional parking could be best provided by not flogging the Court Way car park.