Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pedal Power – Climate Week

We did not quite make it in time for last Christmas as intended (above) but we have now had some good news from Stewart Murray, Redbridge Council’s Chief Planning and Regeneration Manager.

Barkingside 21’s Climate Week grant application – for a proof of concept pedal power generator (Phase 1, but a project in its own right) – has been approved with an award of £900 with B21 making up the difference from our own funds.

The Phase 1 project is to promote clean and renewable energy and to highlight the wasted energy [which could be supplying the grid] in gyms and health centres. In an educational setting it will demonstrate the energy required for simple every-day tasks e.g. boiling a kettle or turning on a light. The aim is to help people understand in a simple, practical way, the need for energy efficiency.
I am at present pacing the floor like an expectant father waiting for delivery, but I am assured that all will be well for next week. The project will be launched by Redbridge Councillor Paul Canal, a keen cyclist, at Barkingside 21's next Coffee Morning, Thursday 15th March, 10-12noon, Hainault Room, Fullwell Cross Library.

Once we have this, we will be exploring further funding streams to complete the project for Christmas 2012.

Wot, What Watt!


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    1. I trust you and Paul Canal will be proud parents