Monday, March 26, 2012

Mandy Richards - Labour Party

Mandy Richards – Labour Party Candidate for Havering and Redbridge

My background in teaching, youth work, journalism and community activism led me into politics. My priorities are focused on disparities in care for the elderly, the changing demographic of working class communities, regeneration and how local action can drive change.

There are concerns that bind us all – crime reduction, a stable NHS, affordable housing and good transport links, giving local people access to improved standards of living.

As your representative I will lobby for more help to transform those parts of the community in need of regeneration which will help tackle the causes and symptoms of their decline - anti-social behaviour, crime, neglect and deprivation.

I will draw on skills of local residents, business people and public sector workers, inspiring people to participate and not merely rely on those in power. For example I was immensely impressed at how the whole community came together in the 'Save King George Hospital' campaign and was privileged to play my own very small part in this last autumn.

The Financial Times reported Redbridge as the 4th most entrepreneurial borough in the country – with 7000 Small to Medium Enterprises, but your local council fails to work effectively with them – instead the Tory-LibDem coalition are more concerned with generating more revenue from parking and cutting street cleaning. These actions further squeeze the local economy.

We work with local businesses to keep money in the constituency and not heading out to the nearest multi-story shopping complex.

Working with you, putting local communities first!


All the (known) candidates for the Havering and Redbridge constituency in the forthcoming GLA elections have been offered 250 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. This is the fourth. I have created a new label below which readers can click to see them all together. See also our Hustings on 4th April.


  1. That's an interesting stat on being "the 4th most entrepreneurial borough in the country".

    Do you have a link or is it behind a paywall?

  2. Will the lady, in her endeavour to 'keep money in the constituency', be banning purchases via catalogues and the internet?

    1. Hi Judith, how are you?
      To be fair Ms Richards was restricted to 250 words and sometimes it is difficult to get the whole meaning across in these circumstances.
      However, I think what she is saying is along the same lines as that of the Green Candidate in our next door constituency here.

  3. Hi Sam, I don't have direct access to the source article currently, but will fish it out for you.