Friday, March 02, 2012

How the GLA “Works”

In the run-up to the Mayoral and London Assembly elections the London Civic Forum is holding a meeting on 'How the GLA Works' to help inform Londoners about the role and responsibilities of the Mayor and the London Assembly. Details and booking here. (INSERT 8 Mar: Now cancelled due to lack of interest. See comment below.)

Attendees will hear about:
  • How the voting system works (not the Daily Mail version)
  • The role and responsibilities of the Mayor of London
  • The role of the London Assembly in scrutinising the work of the Mayor
  • The Chair of London Assembly’s new Police and Crime Committee
Apparently Boris, Ken and Roger Evans will be attending to find out what they were supposed to be doing during various parts or all of the last 12 years. Rumour has it that once they find out they might withdraw their candidacy ...

If you are local and can’t get along to City Hall on 9th March you might wish to attend our Hustings for the Havering & Redbridge constituency which takes place after our AGM on Wednesday 4th April, at 8pm, in the Aldborough Room, Fullwell Cross Library in Barkingside High Street. Chair for the Hustings will be Chris Carter, Editor of the Ilford Recorder.

We have so far booked,
  • Roger Evans, Conservative Party
  • Mandy Richards, Labour Party
  • Haroon Saad, Green Party
  • Mark Twiddy, English Democrats
  • Farrukh Islam, Liberal Democrat
The UKIP candidate, Lawrence Webb, has been invited but has not responded. If the Liberal Democrats get around to selecting a candidate and actually telling people who it is, we may have time to invite them too! (INSERT: I am advised today, 8th March, that we now have a Liberal Democrat candidate, Farrukh Islam, and I have now invited him.) (INSERT 2: 9th March, Farrukh has accepted our invitation.)


  1. "How the GLA 'Works'".

    I follow another blog that regularly has a Friday Joke. I do like yours.

  2. i just wanna kiss that building

  3. I received an invite to this - and then an e-mail telling me that it had been cancelled due to lack of interest.

    It may be resurrected after the Elections in May.

    Make of that what you will!!

    1. Heaven forfend that voters should be able to question candidates BEFORE an election. Might just expose what one or two of them have NOT been doing for four years.

    2. I bet Ken and the Labour Party are glad that the elections are before the voters see the resulting chaos from the great debacle that they saddled us with last time around and witness at first hand just how bad it really will be in this neck of the woods ...

      Why does the blog object to my (correct) spelling of debacle ...

      Come to that, it objects to blog as well!