Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Haroon Saad – Green Party

The three main political parties:

  • have destroyed trust in politics by saying one thing and doing another,
  • no longer represent us, but corporate interests,
  • have created a destructive economy.
It’s an economic model that:

  • works only to the advantage of the few,
  • helps the rich get richer while creating insecurity and worry for most of us, with low-paid jobs and long-term unemployment for many,
  • has destroyed arable land the size of India and in the process created global poverty,
  • has created oceans of plastic that is killing marine and bird life; let alone driving climatic change jeopardising large parts of mothership earth,
  • can only survive by creating greater inequality and environmental destruction.
The three main parties are claiming that the collapse of their economic model can be fixed as long as we accept cuts in our pay, pensions, disability allowance, social security payments and services.

By voting Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat you will be voting for the current economic model.

The Green Party says we need to challenge the current economic model and we cannot go back to business as usual. It says NO to the current policy of austerity and the CUTS being imposed.

Make the right choice, stop throwing your vote away, vote Green, the only party that still has principles, is independent in that we are not financed by corporations, and above all is on your side.

Haroon Saad
GP candidate for Havering and Redbridge GLA elections


All the (known) candidates for the Havering and Redbridge constituency in the forthcoming GLA elections have been offered 250 words on this blog. They will be published if and when they are received. This is the fifth. I have created a new label below which readers can click to see them all together. See also our Hustings on 4th April.


  1. I have two problems with this:

    1. Mr Saad notes the many genuine problems but proposes no solutions, and having lambasted all the main Parties.

    2. He omits to mention that the Greens are being encouraged to give Livingstone (Labour, sort of), their 2nd preference vote for Mayor.

    1. Perhaps he thinks that we're all green too, in a manner of speaking.