Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Dog's Life

A few doggy related posts on the interwebby caught my eye today.

First up we have a Redbridge Council Press Release on Police team to crackdown on irresponsible dog owners

Followed by the Met's Five Officers injured in Dog Attack

Then we have a thoughtful piece on Big Smoke from Caroline Allen, a Vet, on the changing face of Dogs in London and something I remembered from Caroline earlier about dangerous dogs "Protecting Animals, protecting People".

I had tried to book Caroline for one of our summer coffee mornings (I’ll post the schedule shortly) but that wasn’t to be. But don’t worry there is still the autumn, and I’d better get in quick because, as she says "the suicide rate of vets is four times the national average and double that of dentists/doctors, not a happy figure". Which means Dentists and Doctors is twice the national average. Blimey, sweeping the streets as a career seems quite attractive in that light.

And talking of The Dogs, Mark, an animal rights activist questions Labour’s opposition to High Street Betting Shops while they are also campaigning for the return of the Walthamstow Dog Track, which involves and relies on er … gambling.

Changing tack, slightly to a different furry animal, our Barkingside Art blogger reports on a reprieve for Badgers in Wales as the Welsh, unlike their English shoot first ask questions later counterparts, have listened to the science and people like er… Caroline.

Addition, Friday. Dog eats Cannabis stash - Rover Dose.


  1. Redbridge will offer free dog microchipping for the month of June only (normally £5).

    1. Thanks, here's the link.

      Of course it doesn't actually say if it's this coming June or last June ... or June 2010 or June 1999 ...

    2. Given that our wonderful forum website is prize-winning perhaps it's EVERY June!

      I could suggest some dogs in need of micro-chipping......

    3. But, according to the original link - which is definitely dated 2012 (March 22nd, to be precise) - "Redbridge Council will be giving away free microchipping for dogs throughout April ..."