Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Barkingside’s Rive Gauche

Yesterday I visited Barkingside’s own Left Bank, Fullwell Cross library, where all the local artists, philosophers, thinkers, writers and community activists hang out. Yesterday it was the Fullwell Art Club which meets every Tuesday afternoon in the Hainault Room from 1-3 pm. Here pictured are some of them and their work.

They welcome new members so if you would like to dip your paintbrush in a glass of water and give it a whirl then do please make contact. You can either pop in and say hello or pass your details to me here at B21 via email. The group is self funding through membership fees to pay for the hire of the room.

As it happens, whilst I was there, they also had a visit from Tony Robbins who is one of the organisers of the (now annual) 'Fun in the Park' event in Barkingside Rec. He was inviting the club to exhibit their work in the Marquee at the event on Saturday 9th June and they all seemed to be pretty keen on the idea. So if they do take up that offer that’s your chance to see their works of art in full.

In fact it was also suggested that they have a Gazebo exhibition at the Fairlop Fair on 7th July.

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