Thursday, February 02, 2012

Heritage Walks

I was rather disappointed to learn from Cllr Mrs Clark that she is no longer the Borough’s Heritage Champion and that there is no longer any central budget to add to the Aldborough Walk put together by herself and Ron Jeffries a few years back. There is an outstanding item on the Area 3 outstanding item list for a Heritage Walk but it’s been there so long it is in danger of becoming a heritage item in its own right.

Anyway while out walking today we stumbled upon this Heritage Pump located at Woodford Bridge where the River Roding used to pass underneath Chigwell Road before it was canalised when the M11 was built.

This is the inscription which mentions former councillor Peter Lawrence and still present and correct councillor Richard Hoskins who was then Mayor.

We were thinking that we should put together a Heritage Walk ourselves but we are not quite sure what to do with this …..


  1. What is John Sharrock up to now? And where did he get that hat? I was persuaded to purchase a rather smart cap recently - Yvonne considers that old chaps like me should keep their heads warm. At least mine is fashionable (well, I think so), but John's headgear looks more akin to a tea cosy of the kind that my Old Mum used to knit.

    1. Not too sure, either, about the precise nature of John's digital gesture.......