Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Redbridge Conversation 2012

Yesterday I mentioned "Consultations" and today this popped up in my Inbox. To do your "duty" click on the graphic and it will take you to the relevant page on the award winning Redbridge-i website.


  1. Don't we pay (out of our taxes) considerable amounts of money annually to Council Officers who know how to do this already.

    The responses they get to this consultation will doubtless be the same as the last occasion on which we were asked to do their jobs for them. Nice way to earn a living!!

  2. If the total budget for Redbridge Council is £200 million say (average for an outer London Borough) then £7 million savings is 3.5% and should be saved by spending less on admin.

    Once the budget savings required get above 5% then they would need to cut jobs but £7 million should be achievable without reduction in service levels.

    I have done quite a few of these budget exercises in my time.

  3. The total saving across the three-year budgetis more like £25-£30m pa, of which £7m represents next year's proportion. As jawa1 says, we've tried to concentrate savings on admin as far as possible - so unlike many Boroughs we've managed to avoid closing libraries or Children's centres, and not had to resort to massive increases in charges such as for parking. But as he also says, it is unfortunately not possible to make savings of this magnitude without some impact on services.

    Cllr Ian Bond

  4. To be more accurate, you wanted significant increases in the scope of parking charges (times and days) but were forced to abandon them in the face of a public backlash - just as Westminster City Council will be forced to do.

    You will also have serious problems with your arms if you pat yourself on the back too often.

  5. You will be pleased to hear I have contributed to this Conversation........ 'nuff said!

  6. ...But why should I bother sharing my thoughts with anyone.... Redbridge Council wouldn't take any notice anyway!

  7. I have to say that I am surprised with some of the suggestions about the way to save money. Front line services are crucial and everything possible should be done to protect the interface between the Council and its residents. Unfortunately the scale of savings required does mean that it is probable that jobs will be lost and re-organisation of functions necessary. I know that there are numerous back office/admin roles that could be removed without impacting on front line services. Leisure, for one, is an area that needs further examination. Particularly Admin support and management grades. The Council needs to think its strategy. It could save a lot by being smarter on not trying to protect the status quo. Interesting comment by Morris re patting oneself on the back. Welcome to the Liberal Democrats.

    1. Whilst my current politics are not entirely clear Liberal Democrat they most certainly are NOT!

      Anonymous? Is that as in IGB?