Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2011: a Blogger’s Review

Yes folks, it’s time to look back at where we've been in 2011. There was a big increase in traffic on this site around April time as 4 contentious issues hit the proverbial fan – reflected in the top 5 posts for the year:

1. Two for One Police Offer – A Redbridge Sham
2. Clayhall Eye
3. A406 Redbridge Flyover Roadworks
4. Super Scrimpers
5. The Downshall Centre to Close

I can’t tell you how much traffic we’ve had because Blogger, Site Meter, Amazing Counters and Google Analytics all disagree - by quite some margin, but they all show an increase over 2010. However, they sort of agree on the top 10 word strings that land up here via a search engine:

1. barkingside 21
2. barkingside21
3. super scrimpers
4. my favourite shop
5. barkingside
6. morris hickey
7. alan hughes ilford
9. my favorite shop
10. gants hill egg whisk

So, how have things progressed on our shopping list?

The absent Public Toilet at Fullwell Cross.
- the refurbishment of the library completed in April means that the toilets there are less prone to vandalism and open to the public. Tick! It only took 8 years.
Barkingside Regeneration.
- A bid for funding from the London Mayor’s Outer London fund has been submitted with the support of Barkingside 21. The project is for the “Town Square” outside the Leisure Centre and Virginia Gardens. Ongoing.
Completion of Barkingside High Street Road works
- the roadworks at the Fremantle traffic lights were completed in 2010 but we still await the right turn traffic light filter. What a difference a year makes?
Improvement of the High Street Alleyways.
- can it get any worse? It’s just another year.
A Regular Market in the High street
- Still no action. But that’s the “market” for you! No Change.
Putting the Plan into Action at Fairlop Waters
- We now have a new sign outside. Very pleased with progress made here. And for the uninitiated they sell Spitfire in the bar. Bonus points!
King George Hospital A&E and Maternity
- doesn’t look good said the consultant. No change – except a damning report into Queens means the proposals cannot be made just yet.
A Bus route along Forest Road.
- By the time we get one, if ever, will we be able to afford the fares?
The Clayhall Avenue/Woodford Avenue junction
- The CCTV cameras arrived and immediately started fining drivers for “Legal” U-Turns which caused a bit of a rumpus. Sorted out now. But plan to extend Traffic Management Order to cover U-turns up to the width restriction are on hold.
A replacement Swimming Pool
- The faint possibility of the Lorry Park site in Seven Kings was an illusion reflected in a puddle.
- Wow, the council is now seriously looking into this while at the same time also considering banning the use of laptops by councillors at council meetings so they can't tweet what's going on - you couldn't make it up. 
- in 2010 they said due on 15th December but they didn’t specify which year….

If I’ve missed anything remind me in the comments.

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