Friday, December 30, 2011

The POP UP Café

This is a new service for young adults (17 - 21) with learning disabilities set up by Barnardo’s and Redbridge Council. It is based in the Uniting Friends ‘OUT THERE’ Project @ 92c Beehive lane, Ilford, (Opposite the Harvester pub) and will be open on Fridays from 5 – 9pm.

For further details see flyer below:

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The Café actually opened on 30th September 2011 and I am reminded now by an email from Natalie asking for the poster to be displayed on our Notice Board in the High Street. Strangely, the only reference I can find to this service on the award winning Redbridge-i website is this, and that was via a Google search. The search facility on the council’s website just doesn’t do what it says on the tin, and it has been like that since RiV2 started in November 2009. The words "it", "broke" and "fix" spring to mind.


  1. You have to wriggle through vast amounts of red tape to get anything posted on Redbridge-i. There is a publicity officer supposedly in charge, but you try getting hold of him or her. Even while working for Redbridge, I kept getting shuffled about from one department to another when trying to advertise book sales. Since retiring I've been continuing to run a kids' chess club at Fullwell Cross Library as a volunteer. Since the beginning of September the club has met weekly, but after 4 months and a number of emails it is still being advertised on Redbridge-i as fortnightly!

    As for its search engine, I'm afraid we're all used to Google finding what we want in milliseconds. The BBC search engine is no better than Redbridge-i. Both are almost useless and the BBC and Redbridge are too tight to pay for installing Google on their webpages.

    Redbridge-i won an award for its interactivity, which I find completely useless. When I tried it, links disappeared, because they couldn't handle the palette I'd chosen.

    Another niggle is when I pay my tax and the website can't detect my numeric keypad. So I need to use the numbers at the top of the keyboard, which is a pain.

    But I will say the dustbin collection over the Christmas holidays was easy to find on Redbridge-i. Just input your post code and all is revealed. Wow! Something works.

  2. The award won by Redbridge-i was probably the booby prize. The forum is pathetic.

  3. Community events for advertisement on Redbridge i can be uploaded yourself, and are then reviewed before publishing - the link you need is here:

    For the search engine we've been using Google on our Council site for some years, so the comments above are puzzling. Google has recently made a significant change to the way its search engine works and we are about to upgrade to the latest version.

    The numberpad works on all the browser/OS combinations my IT people have been able to test, so we're stumped as to what the problem might have been. It might be particular to the PC being used?

    If people do have technical problems with the site there's a feedback form to report these on the site, and any such issues should hopefully receive prompt attention.

    Cllr Ian Bond

    1. Dear Ian,
      Pick a subject that you know has been discussed at a recent Area 2 meeting and then try to find it using this search engine.

    2. Then go to the Forum search engine and try searching for one of your own posts....

  4. Dear Councillor Bond

    I'm using a bog standard Dell PC, similar to those used by Redbridge, but it runs XP Professional. The keypad problem occurs when I'm paying my council tax online.

    The chess club routine has been sorted - it's now weekly on Redbridge-i - and I received an apology for the tardiness. Three people had used word of mouth about the necessary change, but a confirmation email hadn't been sent due to pressure of work.

    The Google search is well disguised. When I set up a Google search page for my blog, it was obviously Google. I stopped it when I learned I would need to pay for any searches made by visitors.

    Weggis, how am I supposed to know what's been discussed by the council? I don't take any notice until it starts doing something daft, like drilling (for oil?) in a library car park or trying to sell off our allotments.

    1. Coxsoft Art,
      My comments were addressed to Ian Bond.