Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Route to Queens

As part of the proposal to transfer Maternity and Accident & Emergency facilities from King George Hospital in Barley Lane to Queens Hospital in Romford, Transport for London are proposing to make it easier for residents in Clayhall and Barkingside to get there.

They are proposing to re-route the 128 bus into the grounds of Queens Hospital so we don’t have to walk from the old Brewery site. Mind you, it will still take an hour to get there and that’s on a good day, but they will have a standard First Aid kit on board.

You can have your say by completing the online consultation form by 23 December 2011. Subject to comments received, these changes would happen in summer/autumn 2012.

Note: Route 128 is a 24 hour service between Claybury Broadway and Romford Station every 12 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes and every 20 minutes during Sundays and all evenings and every 30 minutes at night.

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  1. NeighbourhoodWatcher12:00 pm, November 18, 2011

    I would encourage everyone who uses Queens to respond to this consultation, whether you currently use buses or not, as it is better than the present situation if not ideal.

    The way I usually get to Queens from Barkingside is to take the 247, get off at Tesco's at Collier Row, and wait at the same stop for a 175 or 365 direct to Queens. On the way back, I get aany of a number of buses outside Queens going to Romford Station and pick up the 247 there.

  2. And yesterday close to the 128 bus stop at Mossford Lane there was a collision between a car and a Pizza delivery bike. The motor cyclist was taken by paramedics to .... Queens.

  3. NHW's way of getting to Queens may puzzle some people as he he didn't explain the logic behind it and they may wonder why he doesn't change buses at Romford Station.

    The reason is that, although there are 4 routes to/via Queens from the station, not only do they operate in opposite directions - 2 southbound and 2 northbound - but they also serve four different bus stops, one for each route!

    However, for anybody who finds it more convenient to change buses in Romford, this TfL map may be useful.

    For anybody not familiar with Collier Row, the Tesco stop is immediately after the 247 goes right round a large roundabout but it doesn't matter if you miss this stop, you can also change buses at any of the stops further down the road - see Collier Row map here.

  4. The subject of the 128 not serving Queens Hospital was raised at this meeting earlier this year where two things emerged.

    The first was the NHS failing to involve TfL in its planning process whilst the second was the timing of the tendering process.

    The 128 tender was last renewed on 15th October 2005, initially for 5 years but with the possibility of an extension from 5 to 7 years as a result of good performance as has, in fact, happened.

    However, the tender award would have been announced possibly 9 months before the contract start which means that the start of the tendering process would have been even further back in 2004, not long after the building work on Queens started.

    Perhaps if the NHS had involved TfL a little earlier in their closure plans for Oldchurch, the route might have been planned accordingly. Queens Hospital did not open, of course, until 14 months after the start of the 128 contract.

  5. B21 - not sure what point you're making about the car/bike accident. If there was any chance of there being a head injury (highly likely), neurology and neurological trauma services have been sited at Romford for more than 30yrs.

  6. .. or London Hospital? And chest conditions go to Bethnal Green ...

  7. Ummm, London Air Ambulance would take crash patients to the Royal London, emergency cardiac cases are supposed to go to Bethnal Green, chronic cardiac/thoracic (non-emergency) to the specialist unit at Basildon, and I can't remember where the burns unit has quite recently moved to within Essex.

    Shall we go on to doing "spouses of the Kings of England from Edward I onwards", or save that for our Christmas Party turn?

  8. NeighbourhoodWatcher11:53 am, November 20, 2011

    The main reason for suggesting a particular choice of bus stops is that in the case of routes 175 & 365 southbound and 247 northbound you are close to a route terminus and therefore elderly and disabled persons are more likely to get a seat.

    This doesn't necessarily apply to buses leaving Queens Hospital heading for Romford Station but you have a relatively short distance to travel - if standing because some TOWIE chav has plonked her kids on the seats supposedly "reserved" for elderly and disabled persons.

  9. "Shall we go on to doing........"

    Judith doing her impersonation of Lady Grantham?

  10. Naaaaahr - that's Old Mother Riley!